Thursday, December 31, 2009

2 Chapters Behind

Going into the new year I am 2 chapters behind. In the middle of one of the 2 chapters that I'm behind on. But the book is coming. Holidays slowed some things down. Had mad fun, though. The look on my baby's face when she saw that I got her a new iPod Touch was priceless (even though she said not 2 get it for her. Oh, no. Not fallin' in2 that trap. 2 cool 4 that). Anyway, not worried about ACoM. A Feb release is still projected. Editing will begin early next year. The last third of the book is made up of chess moves, as protagonists and antagonists both use the same pawn to strike at one another. Much like the middle part of the book, the third and final act is made up of small plot points, quick strikes from the protagonists and antagonists, and much like Revenge of the Sith, we will see the mastermind behind the chaos and disorder reveal himself. It will be easy to write. One small detail has been changed about the main villain's involvement in an incident.

2009 was an amazing year. Though my goal of two books was not reached, I have come far in a book that I have been itching to write for the last three years, doing intense research in that time to make this North African epic believable, even though I have set it in a fictional North African landmass, changed the map of Africa (getting rid of some of the Atlas Mountains) and creating a setting that reflects and is symbolic of all that Africa has gone through, and that reflects and makes commentary on the status of the world and Black people today.

I also moved back home to New York, living in Brooklyn. Couldn't be better. My fiancee and I are still ingesting everything that is our home state. We got to see a beautiful Spring, Summer, Fall, and a great Winter and Holiday season. Snow, y'all. I mean, there was snow in Atlanta. But we got REAL SNOW!!!! Hung out in Rockefeller Center at the tree while the snow came tumbling down. Had a snowball fight. (my baby got me good to start off). Went Upstate to home to have a real snowy Christmas. We had a great Thanksgiving. Surrounded by our home friends and family again.

And what a gift given to me personally, the Yankees WON THE BIG SHOW FOR THE 27th TIME!!!!!!!!!!! My baby became a Yankees fan, after declaring that she would NEVER watch a baseball game. By mid-April she was screaming at the t.v. like she'd been a fan for as long as I have (15 years, btw...a closer fan than just taking the Yankees for granted cuz I was from New York). I was glad she got to not only become a fan (early in the Season when they were doing so-so), but she got to experience the magic of a Yankees win. They blessed their new stadium. And I got to go to the victory parade!!!!!!!!!!! I saw all the greats that they've just traded away. Ooooooh, next season is gonna be interestin'. But the core 4 is there. Jeter. Posoda. Pettitte. Mariano (God, they need to clone this guy).

2010 is gearing up 2 b a big year. I should reach my goal of 2 books in one year. A revision of 12 Stories High is coming. The Ronin Poetz special edition should see daylight. I will be putting together a lecture or 2. Also, early next year (January), I will be giving tidbits of info and revealing the cover for ACoM. And I will be working on the 3rd epic poem. It's gonna b trippy and psychedelic, jazzy, blues, funky. Soul, sun. Black.

And then there's that little detail of having a wedding come October 10th.

"hold on 2 your soul. we got a long way 2 go"

I think this is post 100. Cooooooooool.

b write black, y'all.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's a Trap!!!!!!!

So, Obama is being set up to attack/bomb/kill his own people. Now, continental Africans who are already on terrorist lists, have dads calling the U.N. saying "don't let my dumb-ass kid on any planes," and have the the intellectual and financial backing to fly carrying liquid explosives (in syringes no less) are supposedly attacking America. And we're all supposed to just drink this red kool-aid? Negative.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Company of Moors is AVAILABLE NOW!!!!!

At least it was supposed to be. December 19th, 2009. That was the plan back in September.

Those plans are now all snug, cozy, and cuddled up with the skeletal remains of the Titanic.

Sorry, I know. That was mean. But, hey, I am writing hard. I'm kickin' at it. B write black and all.

In happier news,

To my brother, Jason Thomas, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY OF THE DAY YOU WERE BORN, bruh!!!.

Whew! They really gotta come up with a better way of saying that. Like happy birthday, or something. Real short. Simple.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not A Damn Things

You know what I did today? Not a damn thing. I decided to rest, just a bit. I'm feeling a bit under the weather anyway. I will jump back on ACoM in two days. I did look back at the book, skimming the early chapters. I was taken aback by the amount of 'history' that flows through the book. The first 150 pages is far different in terms of timeline than the second 150 pages. Not in a bad way. There just appears to be a history within the 'world' of ACoM that is only experienced in long series such as Harry Potter or the Star Wars saga. There is a lot that goes down in (what is so far) 294 pages.

It's time to move on to the final chapter of the story.

b write black.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All in Budget

The second 150 pages is finished. It is exactly 150 pages, minus, as the last page is not a full page. It did not end with the wedding between two characters, but a chapter before. This is far more appropriate. I would like to begin the final (hopefully) 150 pages on a festive note. It will be a fun chapter to write.

All the politics have been laid out for the final act. I went back-and-forth between revealing the antagonist's plans, or hinting at them -- I wanted to show, early (by way of two of the antagonist's co-conspirators) how the main villain plans to manipulate the growing politics. But I've decided to save that for an early chapter of the third act. I don't want it to be this big reveal. The best spun tales of intrigue can be demeaned by the reveal. So, it will be simple. Nonchalant.

I'm hoping the next two chapters, part of the third act, will be simple to write. Also, I hope they are short. There is a lot ahead, and I cannot even think of resting. Hopefully, by January, the first two chapters will be complete. The editing has not yet begun. That will happen around Christmas.

The book is 305 pages, 8 x 11. As the proper 5.5 x 8.5, the book clocks in at 294 pages. That is awesome. I'm 6 pages below 'budget'. I jotted down the events for the final act. There are ten major plot points. We shall see if this can be done within 150 pages. This time last years I was getting all three people that read this blog caught up with my writing career. There were 4 entries. 365 days later, we're in the midst of it poppin' out another book.

How many people didn't think I'd be here?

Be honest...

b write black.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

365 Days Later

Saturday morning, 10:34 AM
December 13th, 2008.

Shermer, High School. Shermer, Illinois. 60062.

No. No. That's wrong. Let's try this again.

Saturday morning, 10:34 AM
December 13th, 2008.

Professor (Doc) Emmett L. Brown's lab.

No. Wrong again. One, mo' 'gain.

Saturday morning, 10:34 AM
December 13th, 2008.

This blog started.

It is now 365 days later. Where did we start? Where are we now?

The first entry was written just several months after Code-47: Memoirs of a Hip Hop Heist was published. I was relieved that Code-47 was released, but I was anxious about the next and current project A Company of Moors. The first entry was entitled Over 35 Pages of Notes, explaining the piles of notes I was buried under to put together this massive, historical-fiction, epic.

Those notes (with more added to them as I continued research even as I write the book) have added up to almost 300 pages of actual manuscript (and counting). We are winding down as the plot is about to reach its height. 365 days later and something has come from ... almost nothing. I mean, notes are something.

Every piece of progress has been logged. The goals were not met, but the first entry does speak about the trials and tribulations of writing. But, next year has been set up for a two-book release. ACoM and the third epic poem.

You heard correct. Not the the 2nd epic, but the third. Trust me its all part of a grand plan. The reason has already been discussed. 2 Enlighten the G.O.D.Z. has another year to collect dust. It will have its moment to shine. It will still be known as Epic Number 2.

ACoM was supposed to be released late November, 2009. Now I'll be happy with just releasing the book by February of 2010, no later than March.

Made a move back home, leaving Atlanta behind for Brooklyn, New York. And a specific date for our wedding has been set. That will be another fun event. I have been more relaxed back in New York. This is home, even if I was born upstate in Schenectady. Brooklyn has provided a great deal of inspiration for future writings, and the home I grew up in has provided inspiration for the current book I'm writing.

Next year may also see the special edition of The Ronin Poetz.

Just as cool, Ancient-Art-of-Facts has seen a cool update. Looks far more sleek and mystical-magical.

365 days later has seen a great setup for 2010. New books for the new year. New site. Revamps of old projects (yeah, I'm gonna jump on 12 Stories re-edit and cover re-make).

Happy birthday, thoughts.

You friend in time,
The Breakfast Club

b write black.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Lone Gunman

Being special can sometimes really suck.

Makeup to Breakups

Okay. I went back and stretched out chapter-twenty five. I just ended it. It was going to go too long had I continued with telling the story into the introduction of a group of people. Before I had the chapter end in a sort of cliffhanger fashion. But, I didn't want to start chapter twenty-six with just a sum up of what happened between the chapters, so I wrote out the aftermath scenes. Those scenes were lengthy, so my idea of having all of these events take place in one chapter was scrapped, and I do have to turn these events into two separate chapters. The flow is not disrupted.

Chapter Twenty-six (which should bring us to the complete 2nd 150 pgs) will be massive to the plot. A nomadic nation (that has only been spoken about as of this moment) will be introduced and given a voice. At the moment they are considered beligrent, warlike, and hateful. We willl see their side of the story. Their backstory is grand. It was originally a short story that was going to be in a second book of short stories that I was set to write for a future date.

I'll explain the story of The Nine Black Bastards in a later blog, after the book hits stores. The story is my response to an inacurracy of history portrayed in a video game. I'm happy to finally be arriving at another moment that brings together the original elements of ACoM. This all started three years ago from ideas that had nothing to do with one another, then sprinkled in a li'l research.

I still haven't hit my favorite quote. That won't be for several chapters. A lot of people have to die for that quote to be spoken.

b write black.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Company of Trailers

It's more than a 30 second commercial. The entire run-time clocks in at 2 minutes and 6 seconds. It looks epic. Just pics, quotes, and grand, operatic music.

But that's all you need.

b write black.

Monday, December 7, 2009

2010 Becomes 1640

The commercial for ACoM has been finished. I'll probably tweak it here and there until final. It looks and sounds cool. It will be showcased, most likely, next month. Can't wait. Everything is coming together as I have foreseen.

b write black.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I am Ashamed. I Have Lied.

Okay, ignore the last post. I did split up one chapter into two. I was planning to do it twice. But now, just as I was explaining the details to my fiancee, I realized I didn't have to repeat the process, and I could also keep the intense pacing. Even more important is the fact that I can also keep the pacing of the pages. I'm on track,e specially if I pull this little trick off. So, chapters 25 and 26 can now just simply be chapter 25. Easy. Simple. Retain excitement.

b write black.

Splitting Up Is Easy To Do

I have been taking events that were suppose to be set in one chapter and started to split them up into several, small chapters. This doesn't exhaust the reader with long, drawn out chapters, and plus with war having been declared, murders abound, and our protagonists surrounded by enemies that make great suspects, it keeps the pace exciting to the extent of having the reader feel as if he or she is trapped within the events surrounding the protagonists.

Danger, Will Robinson. Danger.

b write black.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Under murder, murder will come to be perpetrated.

A body, bloody and hacked to death, has been found at the end of this chapter. The mystery has begun, and will only be solved once many more bodies turn up on both sides of good and bad.

The shroud of the Moors has fallen.

Begun, the Negotiator's War, has.

b write black.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


My dad went to Grambling my mother went to Southern. But as a whole we've always supported Southern in the Bayou Classic. My brother attended Southern for Grad School. I was there for three years for undergrad.

Go Southern.

b write black (at the moment it's 14-13, Grambling).

UPDATE: Grambling won. Oh, well. 31-13. Turned Southern's score inside out. Of course, though, Southern won the Battle of the Bands.

A Whole Day's Work

I have reached chapter twenty-four. That's the good news. Bad news. Have to split the contents of Chapter Twenty-Three into two chapters. But the bulk of the events have happened in Chapter twenty-three. This next chapter will be small, and a sum up done creatively to show a character's promotion through the death of another. The mystery then begins.

I checked the pagination. I am at 262 pgs for a proper type setting of 5.5 x 8.5. Twelve pages over budget ... for the second set of 150 pgs. Maybe that will all be straightened out. But I am 272 pgs on a 8 x 11. It's a relief to know that I'm 10 pages behind what I'm writing on the 8 x 11. Chapter Twenty-Five and Chapter Twenty-Six will mark the end of the 2nd part of this story. I do have to say a lot happens in 262 pages. Once the other two chapters are added, will 150 pages sum all thr problems of our protaginist up. Hopefully, give or take a page or two ... or ten.

I actually wanted to release ACoM around this time. But, I'll settle for being 2/3rds through the book. Editing begins next week, Dec. 1st.

However, can I hammer out 150 pgs before February?

b write black

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Remix the Remix the Revamp the Remix

Site is finalized. Faaaaar more simple than what I had revamped it to. Too much was goin' on the pages. This, they're all of the same template. The site looks more cohesive. Basically this all came about because I wanted each title to have their own page. All the titles being on one page, plus having their synopsis was going to get crowded when more titles arrive, even more crowded when the next title arrives. There is still a 'missing' page that I want to incorporate. That page will cut down on all the written links. [As of 2:50 am, Nov 22 as I edit this post, the missing page will not be needed. I like the flow as it stands.]

But for now ...

Check it out.


Been all day on this. Now back to writing ACoM. Need to be finalizing that.

b write black.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Remix the Remix

The site has a few more revamps before finalization. Just trying to consolidate genres into each section. Still love the look. Still trying to go for that magic look. There be spells conjured by this magician.

b write black.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Remix, Sun!!!!

I like the new look. Badass, sun. Check us out. We all new. Bigger. Stronger. Faster.


Give a special shout out to my baby, Nekia. Damn near all the stuff in the pic is hers, 'cept the dice, tarot card, and the journal. I like the simplicity of the new site. There's no more clutter. Workin' on the ACoM commercial at the moment ...

... as well as ACoM itself. Going well. Writing well.

In case you missed it the first time. Ancient-Art-of-Facts.

b write black.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Commercial Update

I have selected music for ACoM's commercial. I have also drafted a script for the commercial. A little before ending chapter 22 I selected quotes that will flash across the screen between close shots of the cover. The commercial will probably be finished sometime before December.

I will begin to showcase character profiles and tidbits of the plot as the story comes to a written close. Editing will begin December 1st. Everything that has been written by that time will go through an extensive editing process. Myself and several other editors (three) will begin to hack at the manuscript. After the manuscript has been submitted for copyright I will reveal the cover and then put the commercial on the Ancient-Art-of-Facts site. Hopefully all of this can take place over the month of December, and January can be used for tightening everything up for a February release. Editing the book before the book is finished (chapter-by-chapter) will make this a quick process, without having to be rushed.

b write black.

Round Up the Usual Suspects

Just finished chapter 22. The first part of the darker phases of the story are beginning. The next chapter I'm working on will either begin with the mystery or end with it. There are two ways to tell this story. I would like for a character to commentate on his growing relationship with another character, have all the characters take a pause. I also want a prominent character to display their skills as a leader, and expose their flaws before both come back to haunt him.

Also, the final suspect to the coming events arrives inside the story. In three more chapters I will be at the second 150 pg mark. Not even gonna try and say that I might be under the 150 mark. Most likely I'll be over. But I will be around 300 pgs for the book in a 5.5 x 8.5 format. I'll test the pagination once I get to the ending chapter. I'd then have 150 pages to tell the rest of the story. Can it be done?

Stay tuned.

b write black.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

And Jor-El Gave Unto the Earth His Only Begotten Son

Hmmm ... a Christ figure, with a Muslim name (Kal-El), created by two Jewish guys. Who said multiculturalism was non-existent in the 30s?

Listen Up True Believers...

At the end of the day, Captain America is just a guy hopped up on steroids. Super Solider Serum? He's on the juice. Try rehab. Baseball players get snubbed. This guy gets medals. 'nuff said, true believers. Exelsior!!!!!

Rant over.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November Goal

Simply put: I'd like to have the second 150 pgs finished by the end of November, going in to December strong with only having to write the final 150+ pages, and have most of January and Feb for edit and release. All plot points have been outlined. I know the road that needs to be traveled to get to the end of this tale.

84 pages of the second 150 pages has been written. Only 66 more pages to go. I'd like to end the second 150 pages on a good note in the story, primarily the marriage between two characters. Then let the last 150 pages swirl into turmoil that the protagonists must overcome. I like that.

b write black.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009


I am putting together a commercial for ACoM, which will probably debut on the Ancient-Art-of-Facts site later this month. I most likely will not make the December deadline, however (and hopefully) by December I will be finishing up the historical, epic tale. The commercial will showcase the cover and come just as the AAoF site receives its makeover. The hardest part about the commercial will be compsing music.

I have spoken with Ray Cosico and have started talks to finalize the artwork for the re-release of The Ronin Poetz. He may not be able to return to the artwork for some time. That's not a problem. I'm also editing a script for him. I haven't spoken to Tracey Wingfield for a while, but I assume she's hard at work, whether this project or her company's other projects.

One more chapter for ACoM before danger strikes for the protagonists. I had to chop chapter Twenty-One in half. The chapter is (so far) the second shortest chapter in the book, but was probably the most exhausting chapter to date. The whole chapter is from the main villain's point of view as he sizes up the protaginists. There is also very little dialogue. Some in the beginning, some in the end. That's all. Took me a while to get to Twenty-Two, but I'm on it.

b write black.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Quantum Leap

I went back to the beginning of chapter fourteen and sped up time. I pushed the time frame from several months passing between chapters thirteen and fourteen, to two years. I had to scan around for time frame references and change them. It actually makes more sense, and re-writing was done to make the expanded time realistic and fit the plot.

Now, with the upcoming dilemmas that the protagonists face, it doesn't seem like it's one event and moment in time, but a story that spans over a period of years. I do know that between the first chapter and second chapter twenty years takes place, but chapter one is a setup of a story arc that concludes in chapter three and a character inherits the 'sins' (or more appropriately, the actions) of his father.

I have also been outlining the events that must take place before story close, which sort of led to this moment of restructuring time and altering reality like a mad scientist. There has to be a series of destructive events that wrack our protagonists. I didn't feel comfortable having those events entering the protagonists' world like a cartoon serial. I want this book to (including the first chapter) span thirty-five years. It doesn't really matter. It's just what I want.

I'm a brat.

But I mostly want to believe that within this world that there was a time of rest for the protagonists before this event. There will definitely be a time of rest after the event(s), should they all make it out ... ALIVE!!! AHAHAHAHAHHA!!!

b write black.

He's no Jedi

Okay. The RotJ idea has been scrapped. Chapter twenty-one is seen exclusively through the eyes of the main villain, his thoughts and interactions contrary to them. He sizes up all the protagonists and calculates what he needs to do to overcome particular personalities. But even the main villain can't foresee other events and politics that plague the arena he steps into. But he may know how to manipulate them to his favor.

He too has to worry about getting killed from outside sources.

It is funny how scenes and chapters are shaped. Inspired by one thing and then melt completely into something else. Everything has a starting place, I guess.

b write black.

Not Too Jedi

Okay. I said there was going to be a parallel between Return of the Jedi and this current chapter. Yes and no. The chapter begins with an erotic scene. That of course is found no where in the movie Return of the Jedi (unless George Lucas has a crazy, secret digital director's cut that brings a new meaning to Greedo shooting first). But after the erotic introduction between the villain and his mistress there then flows RotJ's inspiration.

I'm also drawing inspiration for the story The Curse of Cain-an, more specifically the title character's state of mind when he walks the corridors of the underground prison. I'm also finding inspiration in the Two of Wands tarot card and the Six of Wands. Just read closely when you get the book. You'll see it all there.

b write black

Friday, October 16, 2009


I have come to chapter twenty one. I'm scratching my head a bit. It's basically chapter twenty with different characters introduced. I need to do some re-wiring so the book (even for a short time) doesn't look repetitive. I can't make the events of chapter twenty two happen first because the cause of those events arrives in chapter twenty one.


So where does that leave us?

Damn. I just came up with the solution just as I typed that last line. Return of the Jedi is the inspiration. Of course. What else. Watch for the parallel of Star Wars proportion. Chapter twenty one.

b write black.


Saw the Rza last night at Barnes and Noble. He was promoting his new book, The Tao of Wu. He didn't talk long, and because my boy wasn't able to go with me, I wasn't able to meet him. I do know that the Wu have seen my lectures and loved 'em. That's cool. 2 dudes at the event recognized me as a lecturer. But Rza spoke for maybe 15 minutes, answered questions for 10, and then moved to book signing. I didn't get a book. Thumbed through it yesterday while at the store. It's cool. I like his Obama breakdown toward the end of the book; he uses supreme math to really decode the significance of Barack Obama's presidenecy. Deep.

Almost too deep.

Some of the people in the audience were just there to ogle, but the few jewels he did drop meant nothing. That was kind of sad. But he's an extremely intelligent cat. I know he's read The Ronin Poetz and loved the fact that Wu were characters (or, a reference to them as the 36 Staten Fiends). I was fortunate enough to meet Old Dirty a couple times before his passing. That guy was maaaaaaaad deep. And he helped put a lot of cats on the right track. People get caught up in the persona he displayed, but Old Dirty was a 'drunken master'. His personality aligned with that style of fighting. He looked unasuming, drunk, tipsy, but it was all a cover for how deep he was. It was a mask to disguise what he was doing behind the scenes. A real Code-47. Of course I'm gonna reference my book. One thing I like about Code-47 is that, much like The Curse of Cain'an in 12 Stories High, conscious (sometimes perceived as millitant black people) are the heroes to the story ... and are not showcased within the stereotypical fashion of a loud black person just angry at the world.

My boy is on the phone with Gza. A real Wu meeting is being scheduled.

Code-47 in effect.

b write black.


I have hit page 231 (8 x 11). I have not calculated the manuscript in 5.5 x 8.5 dimension and pagination. I have thought about what I have accomplished (from the point of view of the plot) in 231 pages. I'm wondering if another 229 pages would finish the story. So far, so (very, very) good. I do believe this book will come within the 450 page mark, give or take. Two more 'suspects' need introducing and then the action begins. The second of the 'suspects' comes just as the action begins, which makes them suspects number one. They appear in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is an incident, they show up (not in that order). This raises the main protagonists' eyebrows.

We're almost over the hill, then (of course) it's down hill full speed ahead. The small plot points have been run through. Now it's time to kick open the door to the final stages of this historical epic. I'm extremely excited.

b write black.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dangerous and Disturbing

Putting together the large story arcs, introducing plot points earlier, turns the final stage of this story into a mystery. The answer is known by the audience, but we see the characters putting their detective skills together to locate the proper answers that lead to what they already suspect (and who they already expect).

The consolidating of plot lines, introducing characters, puts together a list of suspects for the main characters to raise their eyebrows to. The one thing that I like is the main characters are not stupid. They know the real perpetrator(s) of the crime (and crimes). But they have to run through suspects in order to nail the main antagonist. Because the main antagonist has an Empire behind him, the protagonists have to be careful in tracking him down. They must make the co-conspirators confess and bring evidence against the antagonist. It's a chess game.

I'm loving how this is turning out.

b write black.

Monday, October 12, 2009

4:01 pm

I have a list of lines that I want to use within the book, or scenarios that are outlined in the book. I have thirty-some-odd lines and scenarios that must be used in the book. I have crossed out most of these lines. Not all of the lines have been attributed to the characters that were designated to use them. Some times it has made sense for another character to speak the lines.

My favorite line in the whole book has yet to be used. It is an intense line--so of course it's said before a character is offed. However, today at 4:01 pm I applied the first scene and lines of dialogue that started the flow of this entire book. The book is made up of so many parts, but it was this scene and exchange of words between two characters that crawled into my head first. In the beginning, different characters spoke the lines of dialogue. The scene and lines were also introduced at different points in the story. Nothing seemed to fit. Square pegs were definitely being forced into round holes. Now the scene fits. It's appropriate for this particular character, a character that was not created at the time the scene was put together, to speak these lines.

This scene, conceived first before all others, occurs at the beginning of chapter twenty. Writing is truly funny. It was never supposed to be the very first scene. But it was suppose to come far earlier. I will celebrate hardcore when my favorite line is composed. First off, the line comes when the book is heading towards a close. But hitting all of these little plot points shows me I am getting closer and closer to the finish line, which is the secondary goal. The primary goal is to have all scenes and dialogue finished, edited, published and on the store shelves.

b write black.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hat Trick

Three chapters. One week. Killin' it over here. Can we make a December deadline? Don't know. But what I can say is that the gun my fiancee is holding to my head is quite intimidating. She is demanding to read a finished copy of this book. Well, she gotta help edit. Keep teasing her about the content. She has already been hooked by the 1st two chapters. I keep asking her to read the first twelve, but she wants to read the complete story.

And in other news. We got 365 days to go before the wedding. 10-10-10 y'all!!!!!

b write black

Sunday, October 4, 2009

In secret

Final post for the day. I am ecstatic to report that pen is to paper scripting parts of my 3rd epic poem (and I said I'd wait until January). Four years ago I composed the first couple parts of the poem. Now I'm back. The 3rd epic has gone through some stages. The first stage of the epic poem was very existential, very personal. I started writing it as I was finishing The Ronin Poetz. Scrapped that story and started forming the foundation of the story that currently will unfold. I put that story on hold, however, to begin writing 2 Enlighten the G.O.D.Z. Picked up the 3rd epic poem four years ago, then again, it was put on hold.

However, there was also an amazing story I have been wishing to showcase since Spring 2000. I started writing it as a screenplay. I found a way to combine the two stories, and the titles of the screenplay and the 3rd epic poem's title will be combined.

I will continue to punch out ACoM, with complete respect to the story. Last night I was just hit with a beginning, I started to write. This morning I woke up to writing a great scene for ACoM. But I will finish the opening for the 3rd epic poem, pertaining to the 'screenplay' part of the story. It doesn't make sense.


But it will.

b write black.

The Chosen Publishing

Tracey Wingfield of The Chosen Publishing contacted me on Friday after a long hiatus. We will speak on Monday to talk about where The Ronin Poetz special edition project is. Ray is on to other projects. The drawings he had done were rough drafts. I would have to bring him back to finish the drawings.

We'll see how this all plays out.

b write black.

Not quite what I thought. Good.

Okay. On 8 x 11 paper I have reached the 200 page mark for ACoM. Re-paginating everything to fit a 5.5 x 8.5 book (single space, fixing the margins of the document), it came to 191 pages. And I am excited. That gives me more room to tell the story. I'm looking to come in at 450 pgs (give or take, obviously. I can live with 475 pgs). The more I come closer to the completing the story the more information I will reveal about it. I will give small tidbits on characters and places, to get readers familiar with the backdrop.

It was back in May when I talked about the first 100 pages. Now we're coming to the next 100 pages and talking about the first 200 pages. I would be halfway through. I'm trying to think that when I actually hit the 200 mark (in final book form), will I feel as if another 200 pages will end the story. We shall see.

b write black.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Every other...

Back in June I expressed that I was getting through a chapter a week. That was true. However, the events displayed in those chapters were making the story too long and were ultimately summed up cleverly in one chapter. As of now I'm probably clocking a chapter every two weeks. October will be a month of catch up. Hopefully, I can get back to the chapter a week (if I want to make a December deadline). But, I'd rather not hurt the story, cutting corners or making the writing suffer by breezing thru the story's issues.

I have finally found the string to tie certain events together. Still sort of hammering out the kinks, but now I understand the motives of characters seeking out the main characters. It's funny how the answer was there all along, it only makes sense.

b write black.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Character Nostalgia

Started reminiscing about one of my first characters ever created who had some funny misadventures. I think I might pull him out and make him a character in a short novella I'm planning to write. (Don't hold me to any of this. I'm just in the moment of excitement).

I created this character at the end of the fourth grade. I was determined to write a book. Wrote a funny short story that clocked in at about twenty pages. It was this particular character's misadventures being at a summer camp. In the sequel he became a camp counselor. Ultimately, this character was 'cast' in the 'lead' for my first completed manuscript: Identical Thefts, which also had a sequel titled In It Again. All of this character's stories were done in the first person. I'd like to pull the character out of the drawer and showcase him. The story would be short (novella short) and funny. I think 'quirky' is the word.

Who knows.

b write black.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sweet 16

On chapter 16 and counting. Chapter 15 was a doozy. It set up a lot of drama to come. New characters had to be introduced. The same happened within chapter 14, but it was much less complicated. The difference was chapter 14 showcased the main villain (i know, he doesn't appear until chapter 14. But there are some bad mambajahambaz along the way). The badguy is the badguy. He's less complicated, but definately not a flat character. What rounds his character is his extreme intelligence and the fact that anyone put in his position would do the same thing, given the power or authority to command to kill. He's the ultimate chess player.

Chater 15 brought in characters that are very gray. It sets up a situation that will be come very complex for one main character, and introduces another that appears noble but has done some very heinous acts to keep his small town safe from colonization and economically sound. He is disguised a a pious man, but his methods are anything but. This character's arc will be interesting. He has committed acts to which there are no redemptions from, which will drive him mad.

That being said, those small little plot points are now popping off. Chapter 16 will be a cool down from the two preceding chapters' events. Then it's fullsteam ahead to knock off small story lines leading to smooth sailing for our main characters, until the time for tragedy arrives. Oh, well. It's drama.

b write black.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Consolidating plot points

I'm not trying to make plot lines run parallel, just make certain points start to manifest earlier in the book. This way, I don't have to have these plot points stretched out towards the end, and make the book feel like it's dragging.

I also have a fear of summing up everything a little too nicely, especially after dragging my characters through the mud for 400+ pages. Oh, well. Learn as I go. It's been good so far.

b write black.

Writing is funny

I'm still hoping the book doesn't get too long. I'm also hoping that in consolidating plot points that I'm not cutting corners to the point where I'm trimming too much off. The chapter I'm on now is an exercise in just letting the length be. It's not even that long. It's (so far) 12 pages (when I wanted 10). It'll probably end up being 15 pages. That's not bad. There's a lot of emotion that needs to be built up between one character and his family. It also goes into backstory that saves me the trouble of having to summarize it elsewhere.

I can continue the story once this chapter is finished. After the first major story arc, the following chapters have been a setup for the rest of the book. So they were far more than I expected. The small little plot points are on the horizon. December 2009 and February 2010 are still at odds, bidding on when this book gets released. I'll know a little more come mid-October, which is basically just around the corner. I'm still trying to hammer out a reason for one plot line. I don't want it to be forced.

Despite all the hard thinking and the fingers bleeding from heavy typing, I couldn't be more happy with finally writing this book. It started off as scattered ideas consolidated into notes and some form of coherency. That was Spring 2006. Now it's in the process of being written AND ultimately released.

b write black.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Epic FAIL!

I have decided to begin writing my 3rd epic poem come January. Hopefully, ACoM will either be published by that time, or in its final editing stages. I will also publish the 3rd epic poem second. Yes. That means 2 Enlighten the G.O.D.Z. will have to collect a li'l mo' dust before publishing. However, I will continue to refer to 2 Enlighten the G.O.D.Z. as the second epic poem. The third epic, which does have a title attached to it, will still be the 3rd epic poem, though the 2nd published. I know, very George Lucas/Tarantino. Oh, well.

B write black.

The Same December

The writing for ACoM has been paced wonderfully. It may be possible, as plot points are being restructured and consolidated, that the book could see the shelves come December. (Do not hold me to that). I still approach the thought as wishful thinking.

Some news I do have, regarding ACoM, is that the cover has been completed and received great approval from the fiancee. (she is, after all, the toughest critic). If she likes it, it's great. She's never wrong. Never. That's what she tells me. Over and over and over again. (I just got a sharp look as she read this) will receive its major overhaul come the end of November. The sight will look much more refined, less cluttered. There are also some new projects brewing. Which will be talked about in the next post ... being written in a couple of seconds.

Friday, August 28, 2009

9? Nein? No more.

There will be a major overhaul to Ancient-Art-of-Facts in the next coming days (maybe months). Obviously, as of now, a special edition of The Ronin Poetz will not be released. Unfortunately, Tracey Wingfield of The Chosen Publishing has been locked up in other matters. The project will continue, but most likely not this year. The 9th anniversary will have to be delayed to the 10th aniversary. And if not then, just a special edition re-vamp. Hopefully, this can be done before I release my 4th (and final) epic poem.

b write black.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I am starting to become more and more comfortable with releasing ACoM early (early) 2010. No later than March 2nd. I'm actually not disappointed. Though ACoM is on track, writing-wise, I don't want to rush an estimated 450 page epic. I want to handle ACoM properly. I'm not trying to be pretentious (completely).

Of course, this is all speculation at the momement. But a November release is out of the question, December may be rushing it too. I'm into the 2nd of 4 acts, page 170. I'm taking my time, but staying ona steady pace. February an expected date, no later than early (early) March. It sucks. My goal of two books out in 2009 have been cut. And because of the fallout with the Ronin Poetz project, I was unable to release 2 Enlighten the G.O.D.Z. Thankfully that's been written, it's been edited. A cover needs to be done, however. Unfortunately, the Ronin Poetz project wasted Ray Cosico's time. That could have at least been released this year.

But I take comfort in the fact that I'm writing., hammering away. The book is badass.

And hey, next year will be the 2 books in one year deal. (allegedly ... if I fail here).

b write black.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

300+ and on schedule

ACoM is at the phase where the book is writing itself. The most difficult part of writing a story (or rather, the most tedious) is the setup, putting together the characters into the actual frame from which they will work within. Code-47 probably had the longest setup that was extremely tedious to write. I do believe that ACoM will be the last novel that will have a grand setup. The first large story arc was the setup. The main characters have made a pretty good bed to lay in. However, our 'heroes' will not be able to rest easy. The next 300 pages, on schedule to be written over the next three months, will be filled with minor plot points that culminate into a grand story arc.

I hope I can finish this book, have it edited, and ready for release in December. But, who knows. I want to have 2010 be solely dedicated to my next two epic poems, one already written. The 3rd epic has several scenes scripted, and a good deal of notes. I still want that 2 books in one year goal accomplished. The Ronin Poetz project has thrown that goal off for this year. Next year, I hope it can be done. If not, then my 3rd epic will come 2011. Ugh. That not only seems too far away, but I got other ideas to punch out.

Anyway, I will resume writing ACoM this weekend, with little pickings throughout the rest of the week.

b right black.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Darling? Looks like I have 2 get you 2 the church on time.

My fiancee and I have chosen a venue that will host both the wedding and the reception. It's damn near right in our backyard. The place is located on the street behind us. Ah, Brooklyn. You provide so many things, in reason and in reach.

A small, intimate gathering is planned among close friends and family.


That's the date.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

6 pages over

Whenever building something always plan to go over budget. Well, ACoM has not gone too much over the estimated page count for the first major story arc. 156. Just 6 pages over. The final chapter to the first arc in the story is brutal, violent, breathtaking, and beautiful. Of course, when I read over it I'm going to cower in its complete first draft, infantile, and elementary written form.

I'm mapping out the next set of 'stories' that take place. They have already been scripted and outlined, but now they will be made tighter. The next 'through' in the story are just small little plot points that will lead into the final two arcs. Though I have my 300 (+ or -) pages to work with, a lot of combining of events will take place in order to save space. This will not be like cutting corners. The story will have its best presentation. The writing will not be lazy. The final parts of the story are in two parts. I'm estimating 50 - 75 pages to lay out the groundwork. The last story arc (split in two, or two small story arcs) should be 100 - 125 pages a piece.

It's extremely exciting seeing this come together. This book started off as a short story (which will become the backstory of one of the African tribes in the book). Then there was a separate story which became a minor plot point--a character who is a storyteller makes mention of the story as a story he knows and recounts. Then it started to grow into pages and notes as more research started to occur. This all spawned from a short story in 12 Stories High, trying to make a fantasy story that takes place in North Africa seem more realistic, I found out the politics of what I was writing actually played out (minus a Black Moorish kid being granted the powers of a genie). This was back in early 2006. 3 years later, those small pages of notes (with other points of inspiration that I'll speak about when the book is set for release) turned into many pages of notes and have been put together and stretched into 157 pages of, what is at the moment, an incomplete novel.

Some people in their writing don't even get this far. I'm amazed every time I pull it off, considering how lazy I am. I'm a Taurus, after all. Well ... I was born at the early part of Taurus, so I got a hint of Aries in me. Passion. But, I consider myself passionately lazy. But Taurus is a bull, a worker of the landscape. Thus is an empty page by me waiting to be plowed.

... Let's hope I just don't add too much bullshit.

B right black.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Da Mystery of Chess Boxing

"The game of chess is much like a sword fight. You must think first before you move." - dialogue from the film Shaolin and Wu Tang.

A Company of Moors was starting to drag too long. It was finely written but starting to run 40-50 pages over where the first large story arc needed to end. The events were nowhere near being summed up. I decided to go back and re-write the events spanning three chapters and narrow them down to one, all summed up between two characters playing chess. Each set of events represent a move that the two characters reflect upon. Now on to the final chapter for the first large story arc.

I should have 300 pages to play with to tell the rest of this tale.

b write black.

Friday, July 17, 2009

2 Infinity and Beyond

I have been busy with not just writing ACoM, but also plotting out the books that will be released come 2010. The Ronin Poetz re-release has been stalled, though Ray Cosico has worked extremely hard to push out 5 amazing drawings for the re-release. Tracey Wingfield has been busy, and she has the full control for this relaunch edition. When Ray finishes the drawings (some I will be displaying the rough drafts of), I will repaginate the page and hand it to Ms. Wingfield of DaChosen publishing.

I've become extremely excited about future works, plotting out the timelines of release. Hopefully 2010 will see the release of 2 Enlighten the G.O.D.Z and my third epic poem, which more will be spoken about come early next year. I'm thinking at the moment to take 2011 off to plan a series. I've always wanted to do a series. I would like to restore the Infinity Cycles, however, it would look completely different from any of the few who read it so long ago, in an incomplete form, back in 1992-4. Even when the series was finished--by 1997, with all 8 books--it would look remarkably different, with what I have put to notes. I would probably shave 8 books down to 3 or 4. But I'm not sure I'd want to revisit an old story, even if I were to revamp it. I'd like to do something else. But that's the future. I'm also hoping some friends jump into this creative field and stir up trouble for Black literature. We'd be the real Untouchables. Writing what needs to be written, and writing without apology.

In other news, 12 Stories High received a good 4/5 review from RAWSISTAZ review. The only problem I had with the review was the woman said the book had some editing issues. Some? Some!? Some editing issues? That thing is rife with editing issues, and that's the second print.

I do want to go back to 12 Stories and fix the cover and the editing issues. My fiancee contiues to bug me about it. But, even with the editing issues, it gets a high score.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ray Cosico comes thru!

The pictures, though in a rough draft phase, look amazing. Much more work to do. But Mr. Cosico hits it out of the park. Will post a pic soon.

B write black.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Justin Thomas vs. Keith Joseph

Who's the better con man?

The writer or the character?

Who's playing who?

They're both playing the system.

Just playing the the game, Doc. We'll give 'em a game all right.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Chapter a Week

This will probably be the only entry for June. I have been hard at work with ACoM. I've been killin' a chapter and a half a week. Still on track with the page count ... maybe a li'l ahead. But this new chapter I'm beginning will be short. The first big story arc will finish after this chapter.

Ray Cosico has not been heard from, but he does have some drawings finished. Hopefully, as I would like, The Ronin Poetz will see a speciale dition re-release in July. If not, August. Writing has been fun.

Still furnishing the apartment. Still planning a wedding. Still workin' from home.

Had some controversy with a reviewing site and Code-47. But we'll get into that later.

B write black.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The 1st Hundred Pages

I have been killing the writing for ACoM this week. And inside the first one-hundred pages, eight chapters have brought the story exactly where it needs to be. The big challenge is that I have to wrap up the first large story arc within the next 50 pages (give or take ... mostly give).

I do not want the first large arc to run more than 150 pages. I can deal with a run over of 20 - 25 pages. Now this is also 100 (actually 101) pages 8 x 11 paper, 1.5 space. This is not final print. However, single space, margins re-calculated, 5.5 x 8.5, font size cut from 12 to 11 actually brings the page count roughly to about 101 anyway. So, it's on point.

The next two chapters are short. I'm on chapter 9 (beginning of), I would like for the story arc to be complete by chapter 12. That should be easy.

Shouldn't it?

B write black

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Raw Sistaz

The Ronin Poetz scored a 4 of 5 star book review from RAWSISTAZ. Not bad for a book that's 9 years old. It's still got some swing in it. You can read the full review here: at the RAWSISTAZ website. It should also be up on in a few days.

I actually found the review on a Google search, having not been notified the review was up. I was like, "Really? Cool." I know the book had been submitted for review but I was waiting notification first. Oh, well. It's up, and it got a good grade.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mon, April 27 3:39 PM

Confirmation from Mr. Raymond Cosico that drafts of illustrations will be ready come mid-May.

My work is [somewhat] done here.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Handoff

The poems have been picked and Mr. Ray Cosico has been e-mailed the specific poems, along with other pics to draw inspiration from. Now my concentration can once again focus on writing A Company of Moors. I just have to do a little balancing with keeping an eye on the progress of The Ronin Poetz special edition from the side of the illustrations and its promotion.

b write black.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Picking poems was halted today. Had several conference calls, a writeup, and another writeup that's due tomorrow by 11 (for another conference call). Okay, tomorrow evening I'll have these poems for Ray.

Great, now Ray can blame me.

b write black.

Picking Poems

By tomorrow afternoon I will have picked out the areas of The Ronin Poetz to be illustrated by Ray Cosico. His time frame will be from end of April to July 1st to create a total of five, six, or seven illustrations for the hardcover special addition. Today should be a fairly easy day when it comes to work. No review and comparrisons of documents e-mailed to me, no conference calls. I have a document I'm waiting on and some others already in my hands that have long term deadlines, so I'll sneak concentrating on picking out the poems and sections for Ray to add his illustrations.

b write black.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Projects and Promises

The commercial for the The Ronin Poetz special addition has been added to the The Chosen publishing website. Check it out here.
Spoke to publicist Ali Roc. And between her, Tracey Wingfield, Ray Cosico for art, and myself, I feel like I'm putting together a new gang of rustlers, some old gun-slinging partners and some new.

Yoo-hoo. I'll make ya famous.

There's also the project of unpacking in the new place, staying on top of my editing job, re-learning the city...

Oh, yeah ... and I'm writing a book too.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Michael Corleone and Luke Skywalker.

My fiance√© and I traded in Atlanta for New York. Brooklyn. WE’RE HOME, BABY!!!! In the entry titled Hit List (staying realistic), number 7 on the list read:

"7) Miscellaneous things. They’re gonna occur. Between February [and] April there will be a lot of these. 12 STORIES HIGH will be getting a new cover. THE RONIN POETZ will be having a hardcover release. And more. I’ll blog when the time comes."

The ‘Between February to April’ thing was speaking about the move back to New York. The plotting and execution of the move has been **ahem** adventurous. Nekia had already made her way back to New York, living between her friend Gargi Shinde's place and her mother’s place. She was also working with a realtor, renting apartments. And she pulled off an amazing find of an apartment (and not through the company she worked with). We traded in a small Atlanta neighborhood for a wonderful Brooklyn, Brownstone neighborhood in Stuyvesant Heights. We’re back among family and friends. And I have a wonderful telecommute editing job.

Goodbye 236

Up, up, and away …


Monday, March 16, 2009

I like mathematics. The Devil likes numbers.

The Ronin Poetz commercial is finished! Been a challenge, considering that I've been just guessing at the new editing equipment. This weekend I intend to get back to A Company of Moors. I'm on chapter seven.

Ray Cosico has agreed to create illustrations for The Ronin Poetz. This weekend I will go back through the poem and decide where illustrations will fit. Hopefully Ray Cosico can take on all the drawing duties. The bad news is that my goal may be cut down. 2 Enlighten The G.O.D.Z. may be delayed until February 2010.


Oh, yeah. And there's still that move back to NYCity.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow In Atlanta

This weekend was filled with rain and unexpected snow. No video footage for The Ronin Poetz, so fake animation has been spliced together instead of live action footage. Everything has been put together with the exception of the voice overs. That will be for tomorrow night.

b write black.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Projects' Runaway

Part One: Today’s Mathematics.

Busy. The new book is nearing the hundred page mark. I’ve been on and off in the writing, dealing with other projects, and planning a move back to New York. I’m hoping that the first story arc in the book does not run over 150 pages. I want the story to clock in at 450 pgs, plus or minus. That’s not including opening and closing pages. Also, the page count, for the printer, must be divisible by 4. I’d also like the freedom of 300 pgs to tell the rest of the story, which (knock on wood), I don’t believe will take long (knock on wood again). This, of course, is for the book to have 8.5 x 5.5 dimensions. I’m not fond of a 9 x 6, but if it’s necessary, I’ll make that the book’s dimensions.

Part Two: 9 Born.

The Chosen Publishing is celebrating the 9th anniversary of The Ronin Poetz completion. It was nine years ago, this month, that I finished the epic poem. There were so many releases, mainstream and underground, that we decided to honor the date of the story’s finish, which even pre-dates partnering The Chosen Publishing … but only by 8 months. The work, on my end, for putting together the hardcover’s interior is finished. Now we’re planning a commercial for television and radio. I’ve scripted the t.v. spot, there just needs to be two things filmed and then some music added. The filming will not only be the hardest part, but will not be used for that much footage. We only got 30 seconds here. Everything else is text, pictures, and music. Editing will be fun, done in a day. Spook can handle it. Yes, Spook. That’s the name of my Black MacBook. Trust me, this little droid and I have been through a lot together.

Part Three: 47 Ronin

Okay, so I’ve hired a good amount of trustworthy assassins and bounty hunters to find the ever-elusive Ray Cosico. And we’ve been doing so well with communication. It’s a pity it must come to this. The good news is that we are on target for the cover’s design and we have chatted and e-mailed ideas and layouts back and forth. This is not due until late June (for a mid-July release), but it would be great to finish the cover up by April/May.

B write black.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Who Art In Heaven

Happy Birthday.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Joshua called me...

Actually, it was Ray Cosico. He's lucky too. I had my finger on the button to send out assassins.

Been a crazy time, y'all. Took on two would-be muggers last Thursday night. Yes, you heard (or read) that correctly. One had a gun. One guy grabbed me from behind. I did a front flip as he dragged me to the grass, off the sidewalk. I took him with me in the air, landed on my back purposely, him under me, then slammed my shoulder into his face. I got up and saw the other guy had a gun. I kicked his friend in the face as he was getting up, made him stagger. The other guy waved his gun but never used it. I kept his friend in front of me so he couldn't get a shot off (considering if it was real, loaded, or wasn't just a realistic looking pellet gun). The whole time I was fighting I was screaming. I think I scared 'em. I lost my computer bag with my computer and a lot of notebooks filled with notes for future titles, my ipod, my thumb drive, and some books. My glasses and my hat dropped off me as well. I ducked through some backyards, jumped some fences, and lost 'em. Got to someone's house, called the cops, and went back to the scene with the police. I found all my stuff still there. My computer bag (with computer and all my stuff unharmed), hat, and glasses. Nothing was taken. Called my fiancee (from here on referred to as 'Nekia' because that's her name) and told her what happened.

What an adventure. I'm so glad they didn't take anything ... especially my life. I was coming from Barnes and Noble, headin' back to the train station. Right when I passed these dudes I knew what was up. I just let it come and rode the situation out.

After calming down, Nekia said she really wasn't that surprised about my actions. She called me a comic book character. Well, my crime fighting days are over ... at least until the shoulder heals.

I'm just going to stick to only writing adventures.

And in other news, I'm starting chapter five of A Company of Moors.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Well the fiancee approved of the 1st two chapters of A Company of Moors. Trust me, it's saying a lot. She a tooooooooooough critic. We had a good conversation on character development and I was forced to give up some spoilers. But only to the first act of this saga.

love u, baby.

B write black.

Reading Revisited

Corrected the many errors in the first two chapters and re-submitted them to my fiancee. She ain't a task-master, but I didn't want those errors in there. The flow wasn't as smooth as I thought. Doesn't mean these two chapter are in their final phase.

I'll start chapter three later today or tomorrow. I'm gonna give myself a rest.

B write black.

Chapter Two

Finished the 2nd chapter. Gave the first two chapters to my fiancee and realized all the flaws in both of them. She hasn't read it yet. I've warned her that the two chapters are a very roughdraft. It's embarrassing. But she understands. I've been correcting as I re-read the chapters. What a way to cut your own ego. Oh, well. Nothing to do but move forward.

Chapter 3 will be composed over the week.

I do like how, in the book's paginated form, its length is satisfying. I'm right on target.

B write black.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Chapter the First

Last night, around 7:30, the writing of the first chapter came to a close. I thought it would take well into the weekend. But thanks to so many notes, the story already has its flow. The flow is in pieces in notes, but it's there.

my feelings for the chapter, though I'm going through some edits at the moment, and gearing up for chapter 2, are extremely biased. I do love it, even in its imperfect form. My fiancee and a friend will review it next week to shatter my confidence and keep me level-headed.

I'm gunning to have chapter 2 finished by the end of the weekend.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sunset. Night. Sunrise.

The first chapter spans the time between the setting of one day, its night, and the blossom of the next. Within this time there will be a conflict of two ideals, and a decision that will haunt one character for the rest of his life, and affect the life of a future generation. I will finish composing the first chapter this weekend. Taking a pause from writing to throw this up here.

B write black.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kingdom Delivered

All the notes for the land, regencies, kingdom, and nomadic tribe have been condensed into four pages that explain the background, backstory, and economic structure of the area. I've gone through 600+ pages, between two books I used for research, finding everything I need to allow this land to function and breath for the characters to occupy.

This blog is being posted just as I finished. It's been a weekend. Names have been applied to these specific tribes, regions, land, and kingdoms. The naming ceremony was a hassle. Combined names. Made up names. Symbolic names. All done. For characters and places.

I am now outlining chapter one.

Africa is truly an adventure.

B write black.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Notes, the Gathering

The historical notes for my second novel are being organized. The highlighted books, the printed out online articles, the notebooks with the pages scribbled scratched all over them, and all the references have been gathered. It’s like pre-production on a movie. I’m scouting locations, designing costumes, and set designing. I’ve been concentrating on the history, time period, look, and reality of the book for the last couple of weeks. In short: I’ve been working on the setting.

I’ll finish this Saturday.

Next I’ll concentrate on the characters. That’s like casting. Good thing is, if there are any prim donnas, they can get killed off without fuss.

B write black.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Up and runnin' again on a new server. Ancient-Art-of-Facts. Keepin' it simple.

B write black.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ray Cosico found!

I don’t believe it myself. Ray Cosico answered his phone on the first try. Attempt number one. Numero uno. It must’ve been 12 noon in California. We had a good conversation, building on ideas and talking about working on the cover for 2 Enlighten the G.O.D.Z. and a jump start on … maybe … a graphic novel. Ray says he’s ready to dive into a long term project. But first and foremost, the cover for the second epic poem; this is the main priority for now.

I will be designing it. I have one idea in mind that I wanted Ray to attempt a long time ago. I was able to find it in my e-mails and download it. It was a collage of pictures attempting what the cover should look like. At first I thought I would want to re-make that idea. But after seeing it, I still like it. That’s what we’ll work with.

I’m shooting for a July release date. Even by Mr. Cosico's own admission, that’ll give him enough time to disappear and reappear with a finished product. Ray will probably start working on the cover by February.

In the coming weeks, this blog will document the process for my second novel, A Company of Moors.

Isn’t that what this blog was supposed to be about anyway?

Don’t worry.

Coming soon. Some info.

B write black.

Monday, January 5, 2009

2 Enlighten the G.O.D.Z

2 Enlighten the G.O.D.Z. the second epic poem by Justin Thomas has been officially edited, and it is now ready for print. But, a cover is still needed. This project is still opened.

**sending bounty hunters after Ray Cosico**

(My bounty hunters actually sighed when I gave them the assignment. And these are the best in the business.)

Stay tuned. B write Black.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Racist Commentary. Snakes & Ghosts. Nemtusar.

Some called the first epic poem racist because it speaks about fighting racism (with swords). But at the heart of all the sword clashing, and gun booming, and mono-dia-soliloquy-logue word tossing, there are the 4 lessons that stress to learn, read, recite, and write (the actual means of ‘overcoming’). There is the cup (paper), the wand (the pen), the word (speech), and the sword (the mind for defense). Though the Pale King is symbolic of White Supremacy, and the racism that taints the earth everywhere, the second epic poem layers the antagonist. The main villain, unlike the Pale King, is not only seen, but the villain also has a speaking role, interacting with the hero directly.

The villain’s minions are Snakes and Ghosts. Because of the backstory provided for the evolution of Snakes and Ghosts, one may assume it’s another commentary on the brutality of white culture on black culture throughout history. Well, yeah. Duh!


The Snakes and Ghosts, the prison mist where our hero is ‘born’, even the lead villain—are the unspoken past ills, hurt, and mental breakdown that haunt and continue to poison Black people. It goes far past anything physical. The traitors are more symbolic and drawn out than the traitors of The Ronin Poetz. The poem also explores what happens to a Black woman and Black man to birth self hate. It was the full story of Eye-Van (one traitorous villain) that inspired me to make a backstory for the Shogun in The Ronin Poetz

Thursday, January 1, 2009


I don’t really remember much of writing the second epic poem. I do remember traveling to California for the summer, which interrupted finishing it. I was on the final act of the story. I probably composed a little bit of the third act before I left. I had no laptop then, so I couldn’t take my work with me.

I scripted notes for the second epic poem’s final act throughout my California vacation and quickly applied them when I arrived home. The second epic was finished a couple days before the end of August, 2001.

Epic Poetry. Epic Too.

A lot of ideas were collected when I first started The Ronin Poetz. Some of these ideas were muted for time, especially when it comes to the ‘traitor’ fiasco at the end of the poem. There was much more to that story that I was able to present when I turned the poem into a play, though the subplot did not climax with the fight between the main character, Maa Kheru, and the ‘traitor’ as it did in my head. The fight was supposed to leave Maa Kheru more physically and emotionally exhausted than his battle with Tag. Maa Kheru was supposed to be comatose. ‘Ancestral’ spirits were to revive him.

The larger ideas that did not fit into The Ronin Poetz story started to blossom for the other three epic poems. The ideas were not concrete.

One very abstract idea did come to the forefront. It was titled What the Ego Said, and How the Id Replied. I have the first five poems scripted for this title. The idea was so abstract and so personal I didn’t believe anyone but I could connect with it. I still jumped into this venture, despite the unshakable feeling that there was no way I could make this idea fly.

I came to a halt one night when I was at the movies. I was watching Romeo Must Die. It was the year 2000. Needless to say, my mind drifted away from what was on the screen. It’s not like a movie was playing (I apologize to the spirit of Aaliyah). But the first lines to the second epic poem came to me, then a whole poem. I cursed the fact that I didn’t have a pen and pad. I had to make myself stop thinking. That was easy. I just started watching the movie again (sorry Isaiah Washington).

When I got home I started writing down the lines I remembered, and I started fleshing out a plot. The new character’s name was Kahm Noiz. Translation: Black (Kam) Zion (Noiz, backwards). This was not a sequel to The Ronin Poetz. None of my epic poems will be sequels, but new adventures, new commentary on Black struggles. The focus of Kahm’s adventures, from where I was starting with the first poem written, would become Act III of a 3 act presentation. Figures. Same thing happened with The Ronin Poetz.

The entire third act is where I wanted the second epic poem to begin. But there was too much backstory to explain. I tried to explain the backstory in a poetic prologue. I ended up writing the first two acts. So much for a quick sum up.

I also had plans to turn the second epic poem into a one-man show. The Ronin Poetz, at 154 pages, was too long to act out. The second epic poem was scheduled to be shorter.

However … the second epic poem is over 300 pages.

That idea is nixed. The fight sequences are multi-character battles. And the love sequences would be too awkward for a one-man show … publicly.

Cold Case

2009 is the Year of the 2nd Rhyme!

I got some things to accomplish in the next 365 days. (truthfully, even less than that). I've already re-opened the file for the second epic poem over this holiday. It was like a cold case. This mystery still needed solving. Over the holiday break I edited the 300+ page epic, which didn’t take too long. Read some of Act III to my fianc√©. There were only a few new concepts that I had to present or old ones that needed rearranging. These edits were already scripted in a notebook. They just needed to be applied.

The second epic poem is definitely more mature than The Ronin Poetz. There is still some of the tongue-in-cheek playfulness, especially concerning the main character and his love interest upon their second encounter in Act II. It’s a sly scene, a verbal battle of wits, courting, all in good flirtatious fun. There’s also the main characters first encounter with his brother-in-arms, which is about two, poetic, masculine egos stabbing at one another with words.

The second epic puts its characters through the wringer, especially the main character. I forgot how dark the poem gets. It’s lighter moments, though sometimes over-the-top tongue-in-cheek (maybe even corny), are definitely called for in the midst of the extremely mature, dark atmosphere. Act II is very relieving, our hero finding solace in a city named Maa-Tru-Ark. It’s very Harry Potter and Star Wars, as he begins to learn the ways of his ‘warrior culture’. Where Maa Kheru of The Ronin Poetz was a warrior in a clan that is constantly on the run, this new hero (born in prison/slave-like conditions) is able to escape to a large city where his culture thrives. It’s ironic that the small, outlawed clan has more lighthearted moments than the actuality of a bustling, cultured city.

But, again, to be fair, the majority of Act II is lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek.

Don’t worry. No Jar-Jar Binks like characters.