Monday, September 8, 2014

Like a Rockstar

Been a while, but don't worry. The book is on track. Intense editing. The editors have shredded the first act, and I have taken in all comments. I’ve mulled over all of them. Had some meetings, vetoed some (but still made changes to make the writing clear and not lose its flow), and incorporated the rest. Now the first act is going through the proper pagination, getting a setup for a final transition into book form.

There was a fair amount of red, and as much as I joke about my ego being torn to shreds, I really enjoy the editing process—even the long meetings with the long talks where I’m defending why it’s imperative that a character look over their left shoulder and not their right. It must happen that way. It must! It’s all a part of the larger story and deeper meaning! Can’t you see? Don’t you understand?
But at the end of the day, whether it’s just to do their job, or whatever, it’s good to see people toiling over your work to make it better. It might be uncomfortable to see big notes of red ink asking you to change a perspective, or really hammer the point that something doesn’t make sense, or is redundant (or that you’ve already said it), but the challenge to rethink what you’ve put down is always a welcomed experience. What’s truly scary is when a page is blank of red marks. Or several pages in a row.
The next parts of the book have been in the process of editing for a month or so, and while that's been happening, I’ve been creating the “intro pages” and carefully applying the edits to Act One. When all acts have been assembled into one “body final” document, the copyrighting process will begin, and so will a submission for a final proof.
Can’t wait for the copyright to be done, though. That’s when I can start running me mouth about some thangs concernin’ the plot and characters. I've also been hard at work with the final book trailers.
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