Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Running Man

The marathon continues. It slowed down a bit yesterday, but not by much. I'm on the writing grind, fingers to the console. Last night, when the marathon resumed, I thought I had lost a set of notes crucial to the final parts of the story.

Apparently I swapped my notes for the first parts of the book with the second, and I hadn't realized that until now. I needed some info on a few minor characters I was introducing for the end. Weeks and weeks ago I separated the notes I had run through from the notes I still needed. But, somehow, I managed to put the pile of old notes between the pages of a notebook filled with notes. Don't know how that happened, or when. I'd been using the last set of notes for a while. I do remember straightening out my side of the couch (which is a mess of papers [notes]) a while back, probably when the swap happened. It's a good thing I don't throw notes away.

Well, I went to bed calm and figured I'd jump onto the search early this morning before jumpin' to otha people's newz. And there I found it! My pile of notes for the final parts of this project. I specifically needed one line on one piece of paper...then I realized introducing one of these minor characters was taking place a little too early, even if I'm at the end. So, his intro will wait for now, but it will still come in the chapter I'm workin' on now.

I've also did a quick page count in formatted form. To me, it could be shorter. I initially wanted this project to be a novella. But it fleshed because of the stories and lives became a part of it. So, I was expecting an increase in page count. I do wish it would be shorter. If it ended on the page count now I'd be happy, but I'm sure another 50 are due. I'm slowly coming to terms with that, but it's not an overkill like A Company of Moors (by any stretch of the imagination). I'm still comfortable with the estimated page count.

This weekend will see a rise in writing too. Editing is still happening parallel to writing, but everything will be in high gear come mid-April. I'm still looking at a mid-August release for this project, with a lot of reveals about what it is coming toward the end of April as it's finished, and especially as all the paperwork for Twin Griffin Books. First up, the closing of the Ancient-Art-of-Facts page and swapping it with Twin Griffin Books. Then a reveal of projects that will be released later this year.

It's not about to be on, it is on.

b write black

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mojo Moon

I have averaged over 10 hours overtime when dealing other people's news, especially between November to early January.

Even workin' on the weekends.

But nothin' compares to the writing marathon that was done over the past weekend. It was fun, fulfilling, but exhausting. I'm in the final pages of this project, and a lot of emotions and revelations have come to the surface. Most of the story has come full circle. The protagonist and antagonist have shaken hands, somewhat. Guantlets have been thrown down...somewhat. You'll understand all that when the project drops.

The marathon of writing started Friday after otha people's newz was taken care of, went into the night (about 2 in the morning). Resumed a couple hours after the sun came up on Saturday (8am), then after makin' me and my baby some breakfast, continued on and on and on and on and on until 3 in the morning. Back up a li'l before 9am, and typin' away 'til the sun set.

Fun as hell. Tiring, yes. But fun.

The tricky part of the writing I just completed is that it had to re-imagine the second act of the story. I had to write in a way where it doesn't seem repetitive. What helped a lot with that was characters' reactions to the revelations of the second act, its retelling.

I can't wait for this project to drop. From The Ronin Poetz to A Company of Moors, the writing has only matured, but given me the challenges to mature to tell a tight story. Hell, I can't even wait to reveal the title and the cover.

On another note, there's still some paperwork that needs to be handled with the new business. The paperwork has to do with the distribution. The forms have to be filled out, printed out, and then faxed. Within 48 hrs of the paperwork being received, Twin Griffin Books will be officially hooked up with distribution channels and printing.

b write black.