Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Handoff

The poems have been picked and Mr. Ray Cosico has been e-mailed the specific poems, along with other pics to draw inspiration from. Now my concentration can once again focus on writing A Company of Moors. I just have to do a little balancing with keeping an eye on the progress of The Ronin Poetz special edition from the side of the illustrations and its promotion.

b write black.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Picking poems was halted today. Had several conference calls, a writeup, and another writeup that's due tomorrow by 11 (for another conference call). Okay, tomorrow evening I'll have these poems for Ray.

Great, now Ray can blame me.

b write black.

Picking Poems

By tomorrow afternoon I will have picked out the areas of The Ronin Poetz to be illustrated by Ray Cosico. His time frame will be from end of April to July 1st to create a total of five, six, or seven illustrations for the hardcover special addition. Today should be a fairly easy day when it comes to work. No review and comparrisons of documents e-mailed to me, no conference calls. I have a document I'm waiting on and some others already in my hands that have long term deadlines, so I'll sneak concentrating on picking out the poems and sections for Ray to add his illustrations.

b write black.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Projects and Promises

The commercial for the The Ronin Poetz special addition has been added to the The Chosen publishing website. Check it out here.
Spoke to publicist Ali Roc. And between her, Tracey Wingfield, Ray Cosico for art, and myself, I feel like I'm putting together a new gang of rustlers, some old gun-slinging partners and some new.

Yoo-hoo. I'll make ya famous.

There's also the project of unpacking in the new place, staying on top of my editing job, re-learning the city...

Oh, yeah ... and I'm writing a book too.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Michael Corleone and Luke Skywalker.

My fianceĆ© and I traded in Atlanta for New York. Brooklyn. WE’RE HOME, BABY!!!! In the entry titled Hit List (staying realistic), number 7 on the list read:

"7) Miscellaneous things. They’re gonna occur. Between February [and] April there will be a lot of these. 12 STORIES HIGH will be getting a new cover. THE RONIN POETZ will be having a hardcover release. And more. I’ll blog when the time comes."

The ‘Between February to April’ thing was speaking about the move back to New York. The plotting and execution of the move has been **ahem** adventurous. Nekia had already made her way back to New York, living between her friend Gargi Shinde's place and her mother’s place. She was also working with a realtor, renting apartments. And she pulled off an amazing find of an apartment (and not through the company she worked with). We traded in a small Atlanta neighborhood for a wonderful Brooklyn, Brownstone neighborhood in Stuyvesant Heights. We’re back among family and friends. And I have a wonderful telecommute editing job.

Goodbye 236

Up, up, and away …