Monday, January 6, 2014

Curtain fall. Curtain rise.

Let’s go back a little. It was December 24, Christmas Eve, close to midnight. I was hammering away at the final pages of Act Two for the second book in The Fable Avenue Saga, stopping every once and a while to stand, catch a breath, pace, and think about its close. Shortly after midnight, Act Two came to a gut-wrenching finish with the villains displaying how they earned the right to be called villains. It's brutal. And no hero is spared.

The next phase of the book can be described as either act three or two small acts that finish the story. Either way, it all adds up to the fact that I’m writing the third act for the book. Act three has begun, and already has a chapter wrapped up for it. I’ve also outlined the remaining plot points for my fourth and final epic poem that runs parallel to the main story. I haven’t done a page count yet for my final epic poem, but I’m sure it’s the shortest. Even with four more parts to compose for it, I don’t think it will run over sixty pages. The second epic poem, the yet-to-be published To Enlighten the G.O.D.Z., is the longest of my epic poems, running close to four-hundred pages. That story will see the light of day…one of these days.
With the rest of the manuscript laid out with outlines for each act and parts of the epic poem, it’s just about getting to the finish line now. I would hope to hit that mark come late March or early April. If I stay at the pace I’m writing now, that shouldn’t be a problem.
After finishing the first chapter for the third act, I went back and made some additions to the previous acts, putting in a character that’s talked about but won’t be seen until the end of the book. I had to work the character in and make it seamless with the rest of the story, and I think I’ve done that. There were only four moments where I had to do that, and the character was appropriately addressed. The character was always supposed to be there, but I was having a hard time finding her place. Now her importance has been figured out (besides just fleshing out a family tree), and I can move forward with bringing her to the forefront when we finally get to see her.
This weekend I will give a pause in writing to go back through the first act and prepare it for print to give to the editors. It’s coming to around that time where all the confidence I have in what I’m writing will be smashed and cut to pieces by the close scrutiny of evil, editors’ keen eyesight. Good times.
The weekend after next, act two will get its first run through by my eyes. I’ll be tightening the text as best I can, catching whatever typos are there, and prep it to move along to the editors once they finish hacking at act one and scarring my confidence for life. And as all that is happening, parallel to writing/finishing the manuscript, the first of three commercials will be scripted.
The end is not too far off. I just have to stay on track and keep pushing forward with the writing. Having an outline saves a lot of time. There have been things added, subtracted, or put into different points in the story. But for the most part, I have a plan to follow. Reworking something is a lot less stressful when you have the ground rules properly laid out.
Once this book is finished and out, I can really call The Fable Avenue Saga a series. One book doesn’t cut it, but you gotta start somewhere.

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