Sunday, January 31, 2010


I have reached the first of two large battle sequences.  There was supposed to be three, however, what was considered the third just may be an extension of the second.  I'm taking a breath to plan this out properly, but not stopping from writing, just thinking about the flow...which I sort of have, just got to make it concrete.

I'm on page 117 (of the last 150 pgs), and just hit chapter 41.  How long could this seen last (an average chapter being 10-20 pgs)?  Could be long, depending on the buildup to the action.  Action sequences are never long to write, unless the battle is extremely intense.  I remember when I re-wrote a battle scene that was written in the 10th grade of High School for a book called '7'.  Originally, the fight was a simple two pages.  When I re-wrote the scene (in college) the sequence became extended,  Gods, Goddesses, armies marching.  It was intense.  I looked to a scene in the animated movie Fist of the North Star for inspiration.  The scene went from a flimsy couple of pages to about 8 ... with smaller size font.  With this battle, there will be a cooldown period where we see some characters form a relationship.  Gotta make that shit believable.  There's a female character that the book begins to conentrate on, the character being showcased through out the story, but we get to see her in a new light.  Upclose and deadly.  The chick is bad.

I've finished a short chapter, which took a while to write because of editing.  I do believe that a powerful scene with a particular characters confrontation with his own actions has been put together.  As we wind down, there will be more intense scenes, more revelations and twists, and a lot of people acting out violently.  All the proper ingredients for the comedy that I'm writing.

So, 450 page count?  Doubt it.  Again, not gonna throw much of a tantrum should I hit 475.  And again, there will be page loss when converted to the proper book dimensions.  Over the next two weeks, editing and writing will run parallel.  Early March is the projected release date.  Starting to hate the fact that February is so short.

b write black.

Friday, January 29, 2010

March of the Moors

Got lost in editing yesterday.  Barely touched the short chapter that I should start on a little after noon.  Otha people's newz should slow down, got somethin' for the otha people due monday.  So, I can sneak some writing.

So, the title of this entry may clue you in on something.  March may be the new release for ACoM.  As I've been editing, being a head of the editors (most likely I'll throw them another 150 pgs), I have seen how wordy the book can get.  So, I'm giving a good once through before editing AND I want this done right, so, I would like a month's dedication to editing.  Still might make end of Febuary as a release date, but I don't want to rush the editing process (the most important process).  Code-47 got a good round for editing, I'd like this to happen.  Also, I'm going to make some other release announcements regarding any projects this year.  I'll probably resurrect my cheat code and push out 2 Enlighten the G.O.D.Z. as the next project.

b write black, sun.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little Big Chapters

I put down two chapters yesterday, the second of which was a short scene that focused on a character's death (ending with my favorite quote).  The chapter that I'll get through today is also short, but these two short chapters (back-2-back) are big in concerning the overall arc of the story.  The chapter I'm working on today focuses on a character's arc.  He's not a main character, but the brother of a main character.  He sees first hand the results of his business.

b write black

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Favorite line

Just applied.

It wasn't screamed or yelled, as I always imagine it.  The character is very calm when he expresses the sentiment.  It's an intense set of words regardless of how it's said, and saying it calmly gives it an eerie spin.

b write black.

50 to go...

Last night I reached page 100.  That means I got 50 pgs to play with (for an exact count).  Of course, once again I reiterate, this is within a page setup of 8 x 11.  We'll see what this translates to when I re-format the pages to 5.5 x 8.5, and make the print single space (and a smaller size for the font).  I'm not too worried about going over.  I'll go as far as 25 pgs over.  After that. I'm just gonna put The End at the bottom of the page.

b write black.

Monday, January 25, 2010

It Begins...

It's started.  Look here.

And, of course, here's the cover.  1st look.

b write black, sun.

Friday, January 22, 2010

1st 150 Hardcopy

This was what was given to two other editors.  It's the first 150 pgs.  The first hardcopy.  There's already a mark made.  And as it was printing I made edits within the document, but they've been noted by the editors.

Squint, you might be able to read.

b write black.

...and still writing

Have not been on here in a minute, simply because I've been hammering away at pages.  It's a good thing that I didn't post the teaser for the book on the site or other social network sites.  I've re-worked the teaser for a better flow.  Come Monday, all will be posted.  The final phases of editing have begun (well, part one of three).  Hit a rough spot in writing, trying to properly place a scene into the book.  At first, this scene (scripted and noted over three years ago) was suppose to happen as a result of another character's death.  Now, the politics concerning the scene happen as part of the story, and part of a particular character's arc.  I'm glad the scene doesn't play out as originally scripted.  The scene is now sad, as a character confronts the other side of his former business with overwhelming emotional consequences.  It was originally used as a threat against another character.  When I realized when, and for what reason, this scene would finally take shape, the last parts of the book fell into place perfectly.

I'm also at the 80 pg mark for the last 150 pages.  So the question stands: can this book be wrapped up within the next 70 pgs?  Probably not.  But the pages will probably run over by 10 or 15 (I hope).  I wouldn't mind an extra 25 pgs.  I really would not like to hit the 500 pg mark.  This is, of course, a page count within a 8 x 11 pagination.  The count will be reduced when placing the book within the proper 5.5 x 8.5 format.  There are also front pages and after pages to consider.  I don't believe I'll have so much clutter as I have in my other books.

Let me get back to winding things down.

Oh, yeah, today's the anniversary of this little incident, though I didn't post an entry until a week later.  I think I'll stay in tonight.

b write black

Monday, January 18, 2010

Prelim Act II

The 2nd 150 pg preliminary edit is done.  Real editing begins tomorrow.

Been writing.

b write black.

A Week's Delay!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!

Yeah.  That's right.  Nothing will be posted in terms of teaser or book cover.  It's not because nothing is finished, it's because I'd like another solid, solid, solid, solid week of writing under my belt before posting any aspects promoting the book.  So, plain ol' website for now.  Plain ol' nothing on the social network sites.

The 2nd 150 pgs gets a preliminary editing screening today.  I'm on the third.  Heavy editing begins tomorrow.  Consolidating, just like plot lines.  Everything is running congruent.  Finishing the book, earlier chapters getting edited by a 3-man team, promotion.  But I don't want the promotion to come too soon.  January is a month work, work, work (also got the otha people's newz to get at).  This time last year I was cruising through the first couple chapters, now I'm trying to get through the last couple chapters as well.  We'll see how this all works out.

b write black.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kirby's Latest Update

I've finished with the site revamp.  There is no 'novel' section.  Was startin' to look clustered.  Will be soon.  Just gotta write more.  Everything is set for Monday.

Koy-bee never saw a cent

My nigga Rasw.e.l. knows the reference.


b write black.

Update on Kirby

Just finished the commercial.  Looks good.  I will be posting it to my facebook, myspace, and website.

Kirby's still watching.

There's a deadline.

b write black.


I've been editing a second commercial (teaser).  I've been working on the new page for the website.  I've also been editing the book.  All this morning and this afternoon.  Gonna be writing tonight.

I'm making Kirby watch.  I have to.  There's a deadline.

b write black.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Check! Ashe! Hotep!

The preliminary edit of the first 150 pages is finished.  Caught some things the computer didn't.  Of course, that's why I'm an editor.  I'll go over the first two chapters tomorrow.  Wasn't that bad, though.  I may do the second 150 tonight.


I'll wait until morning.

Also, coming soon, another overhaul of website is being planned.  The first overhaul will be an ACoM's page.  There will be an additional page that is designated for the novels I've written.  Probably will get to work on that a bit tonight.  February will mark the greater overhaul.  Stay close.  Stay tuned.  Stay black.

Real, hardcore, gritty writing takes place tomorrow.  I should come into the scene where an African Moor, returning from the Americas, is broken by shock as to what is really happening to the African people overseas.  It will be intense.

b write black.

2day's Agenda

... Got the suitcase up in the Sentra.

Writing. Writing. Writing.

I'm also gonna begin the preliminary run on editing the first 150 pgs (a sweep using Office spell check, nothing deep).  I'm also going to have editors run through the first two chapters.  This weekend begins the publishing process.  The cover for ACoM will be featured Monday along with a shortened version of the commercial to promote it.  The commercial will be featured on Ancient-Art-of-Facts and the facebook page. I will begin creating a page for ACoM this weekend as well.  It's time to wind things down, or at least direct the energy to other places.


Considering the book ain't finished yet.  But I'm sure the last aspects of subplots, arcs, and story will come together within the next 100 pgs, which would put me over by 15 pgs.  Not sweatin' it.  Next weekend I will start to put the begining pages together (copyright page, title page, acknowledgement, and the afterpages too).  I'll also finalize the back cover.

It's been hectic balancing otha people's newz that needs editing and working through ACoM.  Today is also the annversary of finishing Chapter The First.  It happened around 7:30 pm, according to the entry that I posted the following day.  I can remember being in Atlanta and the feeling of accomplishment.  I felt like I had removed a heavy burden.  I finally started composing this book, after 3 years of studying.  I had released Code-47, but there was little time to rest as I had to jump right into ACoM, and also plan a move back to New York.  But it was such a relief to get that first chapter out.  It went fairly easy, for something that's almost 30 pgs.  This entire book has been fairly easy, considering all the notes put together to guide me.  But it has been exhausting, and I have absorbed every emotion from every character, bad, good, indifferent.  I have been writing since I was 4, and never had I been so overwhelmed.  I have pushed out 8-book series (in manuscript form), 10-book series (still in manuscript form, and unpublished), but I have never done anything like this.  I have actually engaged in research while writing the book.  Had to make shit authentic, to a degree -- for something that's historical fiction.  Had to make sure the politics of the time were correct, in terms of societal structure.  I mean, the French were bombarding North Africa to counter 'Barbary' activity, but in ACoM, the Moors are able to bring peace to the sea, so that all may profit from trade. Of course, every one is plotting to still destroy or enslave black folk.  Or worse yet, put black folk at odds and sell one another into slavery.

It's a comedy.

Anyway, it's been a ride.  I've gone through every noble and villainous emotion.

Let me take time out to apologize to my fiancee.  Love u, baby.

I have been pecking away at the 3rd epic poem, but I won't really jump into it until April.  That will be a fun ride.  Until then, I'm gonna work on cleaning up 12 Stories High.  As for The Ronin Poetz project, Ray will be tightening up the drawings he's done, and we will move on that project when The Chosen Publishing makes the call.

b write black.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's The Scenario?

A page a day.  That's cool.  I'm gonna start hittin' out a scenario today, and most likely dig into the next day's scenario if time permits.  Today's scenario:  two must go.

Am I using scenario now?

Oh, well.  Today also marks the year anniversary of putting together the flow of the first chapter.

b write black.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

99 2 Go

I have written 51 pages of the last 150.  That is to say if I hit the 450 mark right on.  I know that it will probably be over by fifteen to twenty-five.  That'll be cool.  There are specific events that need to take place to end this story (yeah, I'm getting sick of the word 'event' too.  but, what?  am I gonna start using the word 'scenarios'?  what is this, The Greatest American Hero').

Last year, on the 15th of Jan, I completed the first chapter.  That was about 30 pages.  Had a looooong way to go to finish the story.  Heading up to the last chapter come a year later.  2 characters walk in, 2 characters are about to walk out.  The protagonists are now engaging in cloak-and-dagger killings, taking out the main antagonist's accomplices one-by-one ... and sometimes two-by-two.  The time for negotiations are over.

Someone I don't agree with said something that I agee with (keep up, boy.  i say, i say, keep up).  The guy said that if you write a page a day you will have a book by the end of the year.  I'm coming up on page 360, most likely will be reached by Friday.  Now I definitely wrote more than a page, but not ever day (if I did, I'd be finished with this book).  But, I guess if you spread out what I wrote over the year, you'd be able to fill a page a day.  That's cool.  I guess there was one thing I agreed with when it came to this guy.  Although he was a terrible teacher.  I know he didn't make up the wisdom he was imparting on the class.  The first clue was when he said,  "Some guy told me once..."

This guy was also a coon.  He looked at one of my fantasy manuscripts and started to say, "Well, uh, well, uh, we's black folks don't know 'bout nothin' like that.  We don't indulge in that."  Actually quote from an actualy coon.  When I finally get ACoM out I will do more entries on the stiffling of black creativity.  I said before, I'm gonna start putting together some new lectures.  I'm also gonna combine some of my old lectures into a philosphy about creativity and start my preachin' of my's religion.  Lol.

Niggas need a new God (and Goddess) called Self.  Not Ego, though.  That'll be the Devil of the new religion.

In otha newz, I have put together (in thought only) what the re-designed cover for 12 Stories High will look like.  I'm gonna start the 12 Stories High overhaul come March.  I'll do a story a week.  It'll be a cool down before gearing up for the 3rd epic poem, which I'll start on hardcore come April.  I've been making notes since January (heavy notes).  Started going back to old poems composed for the 3rd epic and started writing some new stuff.  Details soon.  The re-worked lectures will fit the new mentality being birthed with the 3rd epic project.

more 2 come.

b write black.

Monday, January 11, 2010


This time last year I had posted that all notes for the book had been consolidated and out of that came the final phases of names, places, and events.  I had gone through 600+ pages of books, notes, material of all sorts, and now I have pushed out a manuscript (not yet finished) that is roughly 350 pgs in length.  Getting down to the nitty-gritty of the story.

b write black.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Consolidating plot points (a blessing)

I've had to look back at old notes to begin the final phases of ACoM.  The original outline for the book had so many subplots happening, at what seemed, after the plot was finished, it made the book look like it was dragging.  Having the subplots happen parallel to the larger story, instead of extending the story, makes it so much easier to finish the book, and allows me to use them as a way to showcase the intellect of the protagonists.

The antagonist has done his greatest damage, but his bag of tricks are far from over.  He manipulates wonderfully.  He even gives an impressive attempt to manipulate one of the main protagonists.  The main antagonists is a great example of how tonality is far more important than the words used to speak to someone.  People don't get that sometimes.  That's why directors have to say, "Say it with FEELING."  I'm talking to you Keanu Reeves.  You too, Melanie Griffith!

b write black.


Chapter Thirty-Two is complete.  It was tough at the end, trying to find the right angle to showcase the chaos and destruction.  I tried to make it seem surreal, quick and slow, like how chaos occurs in real life.  Now the end of the book begins.  I was far under reaching 50 pages.  I have a lot of room to write the final maneuvers to end the book.  I am extremely excited.

So let's finish this.  The final ride of Justin Thomas and his Moorish immortals.

b write black.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Right Back On

The week caught up to me.  Went to bed kinda early ast night.  I wasn't able to finish this significant  chapter.  I'm on it as we speak.  Chapter Thirty-Two (the chapter I'm writing) has several scenes in it, all leading to a tragic climax.  I would like to be on, or under 50 pages within the last 150 pg mark.  I'll probably be significantly under.

Let me get to work.  There's nothing that should slow me down.  Nothing happening this weekend except rest and relaxation.

...and laundry...

but that's Sunday.  Got a whole 24 hrs to use for nothing but writing.

b write black

Friday, January 8, 2010

First Week of 2010

Today may not be so infamous after all.  I have not reached the scene of chaos and tragedy, but I am writing, scratching away at the story.  The great scene should be written within the next 10 or 15 pgs.  Hopefully, I'll reach the goal before midnight.  If not, I'll just finish it off in the morning.  Either way, within the first full week of 2010 I have written 6 chapters (granted this particular chapter is finished by Sunday).

The story is moving at full force.  Next week I'll probably spend time outlining the protagonists' retaliation, the plausible steps they will take.  An undertone of the story centers on hard decisions, consequences.  One protagonist, nicknamed The Spear, often a negotiator, must draw upon a more violent side.  Negotiations are not an option.  It is even said that he only negotiates just to save the life of the person, or persons, that he mediates with.  His name is symbolic, refering to him being half a negotiator, and half a 'god of war'.  I'll speak more about this character in the coming weeks.  He'll be the first main protagonist that I reveal.

Until then, Happy Tragedy.

b write black.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Day of Infamy

Tomorrow I will finish a chapter that will leave 3 prominent characters dead.  The protagonists take a hard hit.  It will shake them up to a point where they begin to question one another.  A character that was the center of the first 150 pgs comes back into the fold to help plot bloody revenge and wage a fiery war.

This is going to be fun.

Let the end, begin.

b write black.

Shall we begin?

Editing will begin tomorrow.  Let's start wrapping this up.

Still writing.  Still movin'.

Interesting news to drop soon.

b write black.

It looks funny

I have spent most of the day editing otha people's news.  But, with the few minutes I have for a lunch, I've jumped on creating a flowchart for the last swing of ACoM. It looks funny. Arrows going from one explanation of events to their consequences.  You'd think it'd be a straight line.  No.  The lines are as crooked as the villains.

Consolidating plot points has also made events have to happen for different reasons.  There's a lot that needs to happen in these final 123 pages (got 27 pages out of the way so far).  The good news is that I have learned that a lot can happen in 100 pages.  It won't be overwhelming.  The protagonists just now how to take the box they are in and turn it around on the antagonists.

The book has hit chapter 30.  I haven't thought about how many more chapters there will be.  There are also three large battle sequences to run through.  A revolt. An ambush. An escape/last stand.  I think the last two won't be as heavy as the revolt.  The last may even be scaled down a whole hecka lot.

And of course, there's always a Princess to rescue.

b write black.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Literary CGI

Last night I put in an extra character, a second son to a main character.  He enters within the second half of the book, having left the city where the story takes place when he was old enough to leave.  His past had him disagree with his father (and his father's partners) inaction against foreign incursion in the city.  This new character believed his father and his father's partners were too rough, tough, and intelligent to allow the city to be taken over without action.  But he returns home once the city is rid of the first round of antagonists, becoming the chief banker for the city.  He makes up with his father and works closely with him and his brother.  Plus, now that he's older, he understands that direct war could not have been made against the foreign power.

So, the character, named Laith al-Hakam, was inserted into certain scenes, but has no dialogue.  His story is told, and he fades into the background.  He will take center stage later in the book, he and his younger brother, who has gotten far more 'screen' time, but is too a minor character.  Even as I was typing this entry, I went back to the first 150 pgs and inserted some heavy tidbits about the character and his relation to his father.

Nekia has been hounding me (playfully) about the vast number of characters that have been introduced into this historical epic.  It's not too character heavy.  Plus, I want to create that Star Wars feel, when even the smallest characters has a great story, even if not the focus.

Well, let me get back to writing me and editing them (jobby-job).  Besides, three of these characters introduced introduced through out this saga are scheduled to die in the next couple pages.  I'd like to punch this out before the weekend, got a due date comin'.

b write black.

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Novel(la) Idea

I keep getting smacked in the pineal with ideas for novellas -- little short ideas, y'know.  The only way I'd be able to make time for them was if they were like 90 to 120 pages long.  That's it.  I think my mind just understands that ACoM is coming to a close.  I do have an epic poem to write, but I'm good with what's going on there.

In an earlier post I talked about character nostalgia.  I'd like to reboot a character.  The same character I talked about in that particular blog entry, which I said was the main character in my first manuscript entitled Identical Thefts.  I have an idea.  I'd like to retain the same comical aspect to the character, but just give him a revamp.  He was too Marty McFly meets Axel Foley (I know.  Hard to imagine, but it was pulled off).  I know what his new personality would be like, just can't say for the moment.  There's character-thieves out there.  Of course, he'd be a li'l more street ... but not hood.  A hood nigga sounds like a Klan victim.  Trust me, you don't have to hang a nigga from a tree to lynch 'em anymore.  A lot of these cats walkin' around here have been lynched by an invisible rope wrapped around their minds.  "I, and every other professor on this campus, are here to help you find, take back, and keep your righteous mind, because obviously you have lost it."

There's another idea too.  It's kinda surreal for these simple niggas out here.  But ... see quote above.

Anyway, I'll do it.

Don't hold me to that, though.  Gotta finish some otha stuffs first.

b write black.

Moor Writing

Just finished a chapter.  Taking a breather, editing some other people's stuff.  The chapter I just finished centers on the rise of a young, Persian Corsair.  It basically sums up his rise from hoodlum, to Corsair (which we have seen some of that career), to drug trafficker (hasheeh and opium, which we see greatly in the book), to a very prominent, and ironically legitimate, businessman.  All this comes at a price, however. This Persian Corsair, a minor character, is known at sea as The Water Demon.  Interesting to note, we meet him early in the second part of the book, as he seeks employs one of the main protagonists (a childhood friend) to help him with a dispute against an Italian 'businessman' nicknamed The Squid, which makes for an interesting scene.  The events set off a chain reaction that culminates in cloak-and-dagger assassinations.  Though minor, this character's interaction plays significantly in shaping events that involve the main characters and the city they govern.  While the book is steeped in political intrigue, and cloak-and-dagger dilemmas, this character adds a sense of Romantic adventure with the recollection of his exploits, and his rise to moderate power.  Again, it does come at a price, but this character (the Water Demon as they call him on the open seas), rights the wrong that is done -- though he is definitely not the instrument behind the wrong.  Ironically, it's what helps him get into a modest position of power.

Kinda cool ... or sad.  Either way, it's an adventure.

The character reminds me of a hardcore Lando Calrissian.  What's also cool about the character is that life is fun to him; he lives an adventure, for better or worse.  He is not tied down too much by politics as are the main protagonists.  However, this lack of understanding the consequences of his actions bites him in the ass more than once.  He does begin to fear the consequences a politically powerful protagonist weilds when the consequences to his actions haunt him.

The current chapter also focuses on the politics of potential war and slavery, something that within the time period of the book is beginning to blanket Africa.  The subject of slavery is actually dealt with in chapter two, as several of the story's protagonists are sentenced to slavery in the American colonies.  The current chapter is short, with little dialogue.  It's all narrative.  Yeah, it's a bridge, but it's fun to cross.  The end justifies the means.  It sets up turmoil ready to strike.

b write black.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Event Chronology Dilemma

There will be some event-consolidating happening with the last third of this book. It's not to save space, or try and come under (or possibly, just above) 450 pgs for ACoM. This is actually for the plot to be more cohesive and coherent. This move is strictly to have actions, for both the antagonists and protagonists, make sense. How the politics play out also boxes the protagonists into a quagmire (God, you don't get to use that word too often. It just means an awkward, complex, or hazardous situation. Anyway...) where now it looks like taking actions against their enemies without severe (dire or dreadful, even ... I say, I say, that's a joke, boy. Keep up) consequences.

An event will be added to the mix that will postpone the events scheduled to take place in this next chapter. All events should fit neatly into one chapter. The dilemma, however, is after these events (and because of the necessity to consolidate plot points) the chronology of the rest of the book could happen in any order, with a slight tweaking of reasoning for each event.

This is where I stand at the moment. I'm scripting an outline, which looks more like a flow chart, of the final events, reasonings behind them, and consolidated plot lines that will carry me to the end of the book -- which hopefully will come to a close come early Feb, for a mid-Feb release.

b write black.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Year Ago Reflection

I entered a post last year about re-opening the 'Cold Case' of 2 Enlighten the G.O.D.Z. It is unfortunate that I could not get the book out this year, so much that derailed the project -- mainly The Ronin Poetz special edition. But, 2 Enlighten the G.O.D.Z will see the light of day ... in 2011. It will be released after the 3rd epic.

Crazy, huh?

10 years after being written.

b write black

Up 1. Thinking.

Was able to complete one of the two chapters before the ball dropped. The next chapter has been re-written in my head over and over for the past three years. Some of the aspects of the scene were fitted to other scenes. This scene centers on the death of a character. Like a couple chapters ago, I don't want the chapter to look like another chapter. But, a fight and attack is a fight and an attack. Same explosions, different section of the city. But the final scripting of the scene has made put together and I like it.

Part of the villain's schemes have now been put into the hands of the protagonists. It's funny that in the hands of the villain, the scheme looks diabolical. Give it to the 'good guys' and it becomes a sly, brilliant plan (and move).

b write black