Monday, January 30, 2012

Act One, 81 Pages

The first act, 81 pages in length, has been given to the editors. Their copies were received over the weekend, and while they toil away ripping apart the masterpiece, I'm writing the 3rd and final act, and I'm also going through the second act again, this time completed. Gonna be tightening the second act, ripping it apart myself...until its ultimate rip apart by the editors.

2012 is gonna be a big year for print with the new company.

b write black.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hell Up In It


So this new project has not seen a blow-by-blow commentary like A Company of Moors and the renovation project of 12 Stories High. But there has been a lot going on. The end of Ancient-Art-of-Facts, for starters, which comes with all of the re-working of the interior and covers for all books in print to fit the new company name and logo. One-by-one, all titles will be ported over to the new company over this coming year. Code-47 and A Company of Moors will have an interior read through just to make sure there are no typos not caught on their first run through.

Then, otha people's newz.

And lastly, I just want there to be a few surprises.

I will say this, for this upcoming novel: I just finished the second act. It was long and filled with a great amount of emotion. The second act arcs over 40 years and shows 3 generations of women, mostly the first two. As the final chapter ends with a letter from the 3rd woman to her mother, and it connects the second act with the direction of the third. Harlem.

The second introduces the villain. A female. Much like al-Rinak in A Company of Moors, there was a constant pacing and thinking when it came to her introduction. This one was better outlined, so I was a little more prepared. But it was still my 'Chapter 22', which is what I call the introduction of the main antagonist. Named after the chapter entrance of al-Rinak.

What I like about this villain, besides being female, is that she is charming. She will cut off your left while shaking your right hand. The accomplishes her mission and leaves a pile of bodies behind her, and no one suspects that she is the reason they are dead. She plays on people's fears, feigns sincerity for people to believe she cares, and she allows people to believe she's willing to help them, which usually results in utter chaos. However, like most villains, every step she takes toward accomplishing her goals, she creates a new scenario setting up her defeat.

So, we're on the final act. The first act will be printed out and given to the editors toward the end of the week. While that keeps the syntax sharks at bay, I will be reviewing the second act, which will be its second time rummaged through. But now that it's complete, there won't be an abrupt stop. It can get a  full treatment, especially the final pages of the second act. Then it's off to be butchered.

Come February, there will be an official unveiling of the new company. Mid-February. With that done and out the way, the first round of edits will be good and underway. Hopefully, by the beginning of April there will be a proof print to edit from.

One commercial has been created (has to be edited to fit the new company name...had another name, that changed). Two more commercials have been scripted.

stay tuned to it all

b write black

Thursday, January 5, 2012

As I Have Foreseen

I just registered the name for the new company and have also registered the website.

I've already created the web page. It will be up and running within the coming months, most likely when the latest project is finished and ready for its extensive editing. What's next on the agenda list is getting in contact with the distributors and printer to notify them of the business change.

The covers and interiors for all the books have been given new symbols and company logos. Code-47 and A Company of Moors will go through another interior edit of the actual story. Nothing big. Just one sweep. Slowly but surely all titles will be added to the new company and Ancient-Art-of-Facts will be phased out.


More news to come soon. New project. New company. New year.

b write black