Sunday, April 29, 2012


Fingers been hittin' the keys harder and harder and harder. Only two more chapters to go. This next chapter has three intense confrontations between the antagonist and the protagonists.

There's also been a rough edit of a second commercial created. The VO has to be done again, needs to be louder, deeper in tone.

I will be going through the 3rd act Tuesday, prepping it for print and release to the editors while I finish the final two chapters of the book. I started this work about a year ago, and it's been a fun journey. Far less exhausting than A Company of Moors. But, to be fair, A Company of Moors had 3 years of research and a mound of notes piled on it, while this project has been on the back burner for years (since about 2002). There was far more time to think about things (hammering out details even as I was writing Code-47 and A Company of Moors). The project has had its moments, but its been an easier ride than the last three projects.

Almost there.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Down 1

One of the last four chapters has been finished. It was short, but it was also a little more tricky than I imagined. It was just a conversation, but I had to make sure it didn't come off as expository. It doesn't. Don't worry about that. Also, as much as it answers some questions (in a subtle way) about what's going on in the book, at least from the antagonist's point of view, I also wanted to create an air of mystery and uncertainty for the protagonists of the tale.

The next chapter I'm going into will be the protagonists doing air punches, so to speak. They're gearing up for the final confrontation, and a story that runs parallel to the main story will be nearing its conclusion. The final sequence to this parallel story concludes with the final confrontation between the protagonists and the antagonist. I'll probably start picking at that chapter later tonight, with a hope to have it concluded by next Monday. Then there will be two down, and the final sequences will be underway to wrap up the project.

In other news, it looks as if things could have gone simpler in restructuring Ancient-Art-of-Facts into Twin Griffin Books when it comes to the printer and distributor. But all that is fixed now. And the turnover will be easy. I guess I was taking the scenic route. At least it's fixed. All things sailing smoothly.

Tonight I concentrate on what's left to say in this project, and I'll be writing, writing, writing after that. I can't wait to finish so I can jump into going through the last act with my eyes and tightening the flow before handing the last pages over to the editors/proofers.

The cool thing is that they're fiending for it. They 'bout to get a meal.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Power Run

Last weekend was insane! The editing team tore through the 2nd act of the new project. Another 188 pgs down, plus a thorough review in a meeting for note taking and insuring continuity in the book and plot (after all, the plots flips from 1957, back to 1917, then rises up to 1937 then back to 1957 again).

There's been a lot of 'otha people's newz', and other outside 'errands', however I've been on the writing grind, working parallel to editing. Deep into the 3rd and final act. There are four chapters left for this project. One of those four chapters will be finished by day's end today. It's only a conversation between two characters. I should be going deep into the next chapter as well. The writing portion of this project should be finished at the beginning of May, with the application of the first round of edits by May's end.

After the first round of edits is finished, the book will be copyrighted. That will release any press embargo and I can start talking about what the heck I've been workin' on for the past year. Alongside that, with the first round of edits finished, the first printer's proof will be created. Rounds three and four for editing will take place over June and July, and mid-August will be the release date.

Until then we got a company commercial to create, some more paper work for the new company to wait on going through (printer's and distributors), and hopefully that I'll get some news come next week. Kinda gettin' frustrated. There's also two more commercials to be created for the current project, and they'll be pushed through the social media network stuff.

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