Friday, August 28, 2009

9? Nein? No more.

There will be a major overhaul to Ancient-Art-of-Facts in the next coming days (maybe months). Obviously, as of now, a special edition of The Ronin Poetz will not be released. Unfortunately, Tracey Wingfield of The Chosen Publishing has been locked up in other matters. The project will continue, but most likely not this year. The 9th anniversary will have to be delayed to the 10th aniversary. And if not then, just a special edition re-vamp. Hopefully, this can be done before I release my 4th (and final) epic poem.

b write black.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I am starting to become more and more comfortable with releasing ACoM early (early) 2010. No later than March 2nd. I'm actually not disappointed. Though ACoM is on track, writing-wise, I don't want to rush an estimated 450 page epic. I want to handle ACoM properly. I'm not trying to be pretentious (completely).

Of course, this is all speculation at the momement. But a November release is out of the question, December may be rushing it too. I'm into the 2nd of 4 acts, page 170. I'm taking my time, but staying ona steady pace. February an expected date, no later than early (early) March. It sucks. My goal of two books out in 2009 have been cut. And because of the fallout with the Ronin Poetz project, I was unable to release 2 Enlighten the G.O.D.Z. Thankfully that's been written, it's been edited. A cover needs to be done, however. Unfortunately, the Ronin Poetz project wasted Ray Cosico's time. That could have at least been released this year.

But I take comfort in the fact that I'm writing., hammering away. The book is badass.

And hey, next year will be the 2 books in one year deal. (allegedly ... if I fail here).

b write black.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

300+ and on schedule

ACoM is at the phase where the book is writing itself. The most difficult part of writing a story (or rather, the most tedious) is the setup, putting together the characters into the actual frame from which they will work within. Code-47 probably had the longest setup that was extremely tedious to write. I do believe that ACoM will be the last novel that will have a grand setup. The first large story arc was the setup. The main characters have made a pretty good bed to lay in. However, our 'heroes' will not be able to rest easy. The next 300 pages, on schedule to be written over the next three months, will be filled with minor plot points that culminate into a grand story arc.

I hope I can finish this book, have it edited, and ready for release in December. But, who knows. I want to have 2010 be solely dedicated to my next two epic poems, one already written. The 3rd epic has several scenes scripted, and a good deal of notes. I still want that 2 books in one year goal accomplished. The Ronin Poetz project has thrown that goal off for this year. Next year, I hope it can be done. If not, then my 3rd epic will come 2011. Ugh. That not only seems too far away, but I got other ideas to punch out.

Anyway, I will resume writing ACoM this weekend, with little pickings throughout the rest of the week.

b right black.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Darling? Looks like I have 2 get you 2 the church on time.

My fiancee and I have chosen a venue that will host both the wedding and the reception. It's damn near right in our backyard. The place is located on the street behind us. Ah, Brooklyn. You provide so many things, in reason and in reach.

A small, intimate gathering is planned among close friends and family.


That's the date.