Sunday, June 27, 2010

Closer to Close

Season 2 (pages 156-307) is immaculate. Clean. One long Season 3 to go (pages 307-571). There is so much more to go, this has been a long arduous haul.  All next week, as edits are made and applied for the final story arc(s) of the book, I will be sending out press packets for Ancient-Art-Of-Facts and A Company of Moors to outlets for promotion. I was a little busy with other work to posted last week. This entry was supposed to be made the very next day after the edits were applied. Sorry. Other shit came up.

I am also finished with half the edits for 12 Stories High (edits from the proof). And a possible name for the setting of the next project has been created. A Company of Moors is set for release at the end of July. The finishing line is just up ahead. Let's keep moving.

b write black.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Season 2, All Over Again

Tomorrow I will be applying the final edits to Season 2 (pages 156-306). These pages will then be immaculate. We are steps closer to the final day. A company commercial has been created and featured on a social networking site. This commercial for Ancient-Art-of-Facts will appear on the website when A Company of Moors is finally released. It is coming, just relax.

Moor news tomorrow on the next writing project, and the progress of 12 Stories High. Stay tuned.

b write black.

Monday, June 7, 2010

12 Stories Proof

Got in late Friday night (early Saturday morning) and saw the proof for 12 Stories High. I was hoping it would be in before I left, cuz I knew I'd be out for a long time. But, I was already aware that changes would have to me made. I just wanted to hold the book in my hand. It looks good. There will be some changes to the cover (minor), there will be changes to the interior (but that was assumed to happen). I wasn't expecting a perfect final copy. I'm just glad the steps to re-imagine an Imaginative Trip are coming to an end, as well as finishing up A Company of Moors. Again, the final edits to this African Epic are being picked up and applied. It's very easy since the book is in a final phase. There's not many errors to catch. But there is 571 pages to read, just to make sure.

The changes to 12 Stories High's cover were done over the weekend, Saturday. It was actually frustrating, because converting the program into a pdf kept shifting the placement of words or graphics. But I was burning the program out. I just hit quit, let it rest, and then tried again. Nothing was then missing from the conversion, and nothing was shifted. Cover is done. Interior will be jumped on after A Company of Moors is released. It's cool, because 12 Stories High will be on hold until then.

All of this is coming together. Beside the work on the cover over the weekend, I got to rest. Will be doing the same today.

b write black.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Company of Moors (Press Packet)

I'm creating the press packet for A Company of Moors, finishing it now while at a Black owned, Brooklyn wine bar with my fiancee. Sounds like I'm ignoring her, right? Not really, she got a book in her hand, a drink in front of her, and I'm feelin' the Coronas. Our apartment is right around the corner from some hotspots. AIn't nuthin' like Brooklyn.

Anyway, I've finished my business press packet for Ancient-Art-of-Facts. I've revamped my current titles. Gettin' the proof for 12 Stories High tomorrow. It already needs some editing, so the title will still be on hold. It's okay, I was anticipating that. That's why they call it a proof. I will reveal the new cover when the book is in my hands.

Completely revamping my publishing company. The Griffin and the double-head Moor. Look for the logo.

b write black.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back to the Moors

I have returned to A Company of Moors to oversee the final application of edits.  Season 1 is complete. Immaculate...I hope.  12 Stories High was turned in on Sunday, but, of course, Monday being a holiday, it was not attended to until today. The title is on hold. The book interior has been accepted, waiting for the cover, which I believe I'll have better luck with than the others.

I will start to talk in length about A Company of Moors within the next couple posts.

Stay tuned.

b write black.