Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fable Avenue Book II Writing Concludes

Another project closes, but it's only part of the work. Now it's all about editing, video making for promotion, proofreading, book/cover design, discussions, and of course...outlining Book III (already outlining. Will run my mouth about it sometime toward the end of this year, early next year).

The forthcoming Fable Avenue book is dense, packed with character, heart, mythology, social commentary, and action, carefully setting up the next installment(s).

The story left inside my head will span the next two books, concluding in the fourth.

How did it all end? On the last page, that's all I can say. Lol. But it went as outlined, with a few rearrangements here and there. I can say, that a few scenes outlined for the final chapters were moved to either the third or the fourth book. When you have an outline, it's so much easier to maneuver through your story, especially when it's a larger story.

So it's business. And one of the businesses I gots to be gettin' back to is editing a friend's book of short stories. He hasn't touched writing in years, and he's jumping back in it. A lot needs to be tightened as he's reworking old, old, old stories and coming up with new ones. But at the end of the day, this guy is writing the Black Speculative Fiction I've always wanted to read. He is Cliff Johnson, Kit Williams, Joss Wheddon and Philip K. Dick all rolled into one blunt. Where I look at my creations as "divorce papers" from the many things that inspired me (I love 'em, but I have my own heroes now), he says his writings are declarations of war. So badass. He's far from apologetic, though he isn't rough or offensive. He really understands the genre without compromising, forgetting, or being apologetic that he's black.

That aside, I'm diving into "post production". Will be running my mouth about that in the next coming posts.

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